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Orion/Meeting minutes/20130808

  • Bogdan - Cleaning up patch from GSOC contributor that adds Git blame annotations. Looking at sharing annotation UI with Git Log (delegated UI?). Looking at enabling blame support with non-Git SCMs.
  • Silenio - Improved interactive tooltips: folding tooltips can now be typed in. Wrote plugin for fixing mixed line delimiters. Fixed mixed delimiters in Orion client.
  • Anthony - Testing FTP issues in Projects support: works, but difficult to use. Updated docs showing recommended workflow.
  • Mark - ESLint: performance testing, added different error severities. Shared AST: no progress. Will add line delimiter plugin to plugin catalog. Away next week (Aug 12–16).
  • Grant - vacation
  • Libing - Testing fix for search cancellation. Trying to add unit tests but lacking some mock classes. Working on better search progress.
  • Gabriel - Patch to enable autocompletion of parens and quotes in JS source. Working on showing the project's in nav tree (need approved CQ for Marked library).
  • Anton - Brainstorming Projects support, working on mockups. Thinking about improved plus ([+]) menu. Getting feedback from design experts. Away next week (Aug 12–16).
  • Gosia - Fixed bug removing long running operations from preferences.
  • Szymon - Moved client feature bundle & doc bundle to client repo. JSDoc now generated in Tycho build. We're ready to switch (!), switch will be flipped when release engineer returns.
  • Maciej - Trying to fix broken PDE build. Updated logback & ls4j library vesions used in target platform, hoping build will succeed today. Added support for Git revert.

Aug 15, 16 holidays for Polish contributors.

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