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Orion/Meeting minutes/20130718

  • John - Builds getting them running
  • Mark - Bug fixes and looking at the JavaScript tools including content assist using indexes. ESLint investigation
  • Libing - Fixing bugs for M1 - investigating using Node inspector in cloud environment.
  • Grant - Working on Shell fixes
  • Bogdan - looking at file diffs for the editor vs. saving whole file. Also GSoC student on Git Blame. Student has been working on server side thus far and now will get to client
  • Anthony - server side meta data work including test writing
  • Silenio - small fixes going on. What about mark occurrences? Getting closer.
  • Anton - Design work for projects continue. Trying to find a repo or location for my resources. Continuing UX calls.
  • Gabiel - Bug fixes, self hosting bugs, looking
  • Ken - Orion plan, student work in the fall, Google hangout. Need to complete work on the Hudson build?
  • Szymon - Working with GSoC student and will integrate Server side patch today
  • Maciej - Log service provider in the Shell (provides logs to the user)

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