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Orion/Meeting minutes/20130613

Tomorrow is RC2. Doc needs updating before John runs his doc script next week.

  • Anthony - Lots of defect fixing.
  • Gabriel - Working on UI consistency. Revising browser compatibility with an option to continue on * even if we don't like your browser.
  • Libing - Finished up search page filter stuff - improved by added markers and results in one page. Fixing other bugs for RC2.
  • Mark - Fixed lots of bugs around copy and pasting, navigator not refreshing. SFTP import/export now give feedback.
  • Ken - Fixing/logging bugs.
  • Bogdan - Refactored find so it can be used separate from the UI. So it can be used by the stand alone editor. More VI key bindings but still no status message as to what you're doing. Mark occurrences is in but not quite running well. Working on it. Likely added
  • Silenio - Two editor settings now merged into 1. Showed a few bugs in theme UI that needed to be fixed. Find in editor (Ctrl-H) changed to use the same infrastructure.
  • Simon - Looking at what's going on in pages for performance. i18N stuff, like timeouts. We need to sprite everything (Anthony)
  • Grant - IE10 testing, logged a few defects. Noticing some page loads failing due to file system items. Will try to repeat and show Simon.
  • John - Releasing patches from Anthony. Some released and others will move to 4.0. Fixed plugin corruption.

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