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Orion/Meeting minutes/20130425


  • Simon - WAR is in, container managed security is in, IE10 URL shim needs to go in.
  • Anton - Breaking navigation for everyone and putting the Hamburger. Today will move breadcrumbs and progress wheel will move. Doesn't clean up related links. Mouse-over does not indicate what it is. Shell page has no hamburger.
  • Libing - Fixed NPM install to be smarter about location of installing modules. Working on status message improvements.
  • Mark - Delegated UIs can now report status and can provide a link result. Navigator in Editor is in but is not finished. Clicking on folders does not work properly now but will today expand as if you pressed the twisty. Also working on actions in that pane.
  • Ken - Working on proposals for GSoC and responding to proposal questions. Also fixed some git issues reported on OrionHub.
  • John - Working in a branch for server meta data refactoring. Have new meta storage API that also talks to the existing file formats. Migrated all references to old prefs to this new API. Next step is to create a new file format.
  • Silenio/Bogdan - Done with linked mode improvements including stacked mode. And auto save and auto load is done with editor settings page and also in the mini-configure.

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