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Orion/Meeting minutes/20130418


M1 done and onto M2 focusing on WAR, Server work for scalability, UI changes for Navigator in Editor to name a few. Simon to initiate committer status for Bogdan based on work done and surviving an end game


  • Simon - WAR file continues, a lot has been committed. Our server tests are passing per normal but working on testing it with a context path. So working on fixing the tests. WebApplication and ServerTestsActivator need to be changed to test with a context.
  • Anton - Working on designs for side navigation in editor and will do a blog post on thoughts and feedback.
  • Grant - Eclipse week
  • Libing - Wiki page and blog post for compare build. npm install on node server side needs some work to figure out node_modules folder properly
  • John - Working on major refactoring of server side for backend for storage. Backend API for storage that is compatible for now with existing storage format. Hopefully move this into Master.
  • Mark - Working on navigator into editor side-bar. Lifting the work that was done for the Project page.
  • Ken - Some node fixes for M1
  • Silenio - Added more support for templates that provide choices/values for things like borders in CSS, provided in content assist. Need to support stacked linked mode (or content assist inside content assist). For
  • Bogdan - For 'vi' looking at key bindings for a specific mode. Auto-save has been added, working on adding a preference. Adding an auto-load feature as well (switching tabs). To do a good job we might need diff-save and atomic saves.
  • Carolyn - Patch from Sarah should be good to go now, ken to commit it.

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