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Orion/Meeting minutes/20130404


  • Simon - fixed deferred (then without context issue). Working on WAR file (context path). Also fixing URL shim in IE 10 for M1. Talking to IBM Research about content assist and Marin Haverbeek (tern.js) regarding index file format. Interested in some standardization in describing a library API via a common index file.
  • Grant - Created branch containing new GCLI content, now has support for asynchronous types. User this to create new plug-in service for contributing custom parameter types to the Shell page. Release of this is awaiting approval of the CQ to ship the new GCLI content.
  • Libing - Pushed all client side compare code. Much cleaner now. The minimal compare view is now quite small (around 30K minified). Should consider a delta build that required the embedded editor. Need to get this into the Orion build.
  • Mark - Finally got builds working if you use 'char' as a variable name (others too). Closure compiler needed an extra parameter. Switched plugin list to a selection model. Require.js up to 2.1 now. Made minor changes to client side source projects for editing in JSDT.
  • Szymon - Setting through delegated UIs. Has a problem for the settings page in that it's pulling in modules. Requires manual hacking in certain installations depending on modules.
  • Ken - Catching up after EclipseCon. The conference and the Orion content was great. Very interesting approaches to consuming Orion. Good demos
  • Silenio/Bogdan - Keyboard problems when not N/A (Japanese for example). Need configurable key bindings. Need linked mode support. For vi bindings, we might only support "you get the event" and you have to work with it. Also want to have multi-stroke key bindings. also looking at finalizing the mark-occurrences plugin.
  • John - Working on server scalability plan/roadmap - not all in one release. Some of this will be in the Orion 3.0 plan.

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