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Notice: this Wiki will be going read only early in 2024 and edits will no longer be possible. Please see: for the plan.

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Orion/Meeting minutes/20130314


The Orion 3.0 preliminary plan is up, please comment or add what you think we should be addressing. Looking for ideas and contributions to push Orion forward. You can edit the Wiki and any items agreed upon will be added to the XML representation of the plan. See The Orion Plan page

Susan's last day working for IBM, thank you for all you've done for Orion. So much of the project is due to your hard work and ideas. We'll all miss you.


  • Andy - Scripted 0.4 - Talking with Aulx team, another effort around content assist. Continuing to help Cameron Mann with scripted content assist integration with Orion Node server.
  • Susan - Released last wad of code for consuming commands and key bindings independent of services. Will add more documentation in the code. Wanted to get to Explorer but never got to clean it up. Will write a tracking bug about how it could be cleaned up. Gone for a couple of weeks but back and likely will be using Orion.
  • Ken - EclipseCon preparations including working on the tutorial for general consumption.
  • Bogdan - Doc for theming. Fixed bugs on iPads, changed all rules to use DIVs instead of tables. Added animation support for page up/down. May grow a settings page for animation, tab sizes. Will bring this up at the next UX call.
  • Silenio - see above
  • Anton - The Projects notion is getting attention and the SFTP usage seems to be increasing. The Google App Engine also has been accessed a lot and maybe we should look at making it real.
  • Grant - Looking at a shell page enhancement to provide the CWD, a more physical location for it.
  • Libing - Checked in almost final stand alone compare widget. Demo page is almost done. Decoupled unnecessary dependencies. Looking at adding npm support on Java server side. Support for only a few commands due to security.
  • Mark - Committed a first try at a page that allows external sites to populate an Orion workspace ready to go. Some hacks to prevent the login window from showing up so not really ready yet. On the server side, looking at short lived Orion accounts without creating a full blown account or email address. A way for users to get up and running without logging in.

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