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Orion/Meeting minutes/20130307


  • Great stats thus far for 2.0 uptake. Over 1000 downloads of the server, over 1100 new accounts on OrionHub. Lots of hits on our landing sites, blog posts and twitter. All in 6 days.
  • Planning for 3.0 - Ken owes a wiki page and a plan update.


  • Susan - One more week before leaving. Fixing bugs, doc. Wad of work left is splitting up command service. Hoping to release that, merged this week.
  • Anton - Working with IBM design teams about layout and style. Discussions of fonts. Lucida font seems like a good choice made. Creating a page for other work and switching back to Orion to rapidly create a web site seems on the right track.
  • John - Time on the lockout problem and still stumped. Build failures don't look
  • Grant - Delegated UI mechanism for shell page. Commands in shell pages can support an iFrame. Command provides a URL and we navigate to it in place in the output area. Got latest content of GCLI Async branch and it looks in a good shape. Once they are in master, we might be able to move to it. Enable plugins to provide custom types is the benefit for us. [Bug 402663].
  • Libing - Working on mainly compare. Cleaning up according to coding convention. Have a cleaner and smaller stand alone compare build. It's around 300K. Adding commands should add around 20K minified. Build is editor, plus diff engine, plus annotation model. In the middle of creating an example page of the possible ways of consuming the comparison build.
  • Mark - Working on the usecase of importing content into Orion from external site. Was a bit difficult to use. So have refactored to use service registry. Did some IE10 testing.
  • Ken - Working on EclipseCon content and Orion on node hackathon content.
  • Bogdan - Working on theming. Seems to reach into a lot of code. Pretty much done. Common theme class, writing to local storage. Need some support for stand alone use.

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