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Orion/Meeting minutes/20130228


  • Final RC3 build is done
  • Release review is done, will publish 2.0 on Friday


  • Andy - Keybindings (Silenio want to do emacs and vi key bindings but working on theming right now). Andy will open a defect to discuss it.
  • Susan - Google tool kitchen and web components experimentation. Commands and accessibility changes pushed yesterday. Want to split up commands into helpers without having to worry about registries. If there are things people need before leaving let me know.
  • Szymon - No specific Orion work
  • Gosia - No specific Orion work
  • Anton - Working on Orion theming and internal IBM specific support and in doing so we need to catch which kind of browser is connecting programmatically
  • Grant - Blog post on Shell for 2.0 is up. Working on possibility of plugins to get an iFrame to do some sandbox to do work in.
  • Libing - Working on a stand alone compare widget that can be used outside of Orion. Still trying to make a minimal compare widget. Bottleneck is command service which introduces a chained dependency.
  • Mark - Published the 2.0 node server to npm. Prototyping a way to integrate Orion into other sites by importing code into an Orion server.
  • Ken - Working on the Orion tutorial material and plugins
  • Bogdan - Working on improving theming for editor. New theme class and hooked it up in the site itself. Have changed the preferences pages as well to match.
  • Silenio - Same as Bogdan - they come as a pair.
  • John - Working on server internals
  • Simon - Working on packaging as a war file. Should not be using require bundle in our manifest. Should use import package instead. Also working on context paths and calculation of URI that show up in our file metadata. Also got together with some IBM and Academic research groups about content assist. Working on a unified index file that describes 3rd party API and sort out the best way for a JS source file to indicate it could make use of an index file. (John) VJET already has a format we could look at and Node also has a JSON representation. (Andy) looking at TypeScript as well. (Simon) What about a parser that can handle errors.

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