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Orion/Meeting minutes/20130207


RC1 is tomorrow - we will work on getting a solid build tomorrow. Closely monitoring bugzilla. Move any feature work in 2.0 to 3.0. If you think it's super critical then you need to bug Ken or Simon. Pay attention to any new bugs that are logged. Perhaps assign any bug you believe is critical to a person. For next week all bug fixes need another committer to look at them.


  • Cameron - Working for UCOSP - contribute to open source project during a term. Will be working on JSDepend from Scripted Editor and apply
  • Andy - More eclipsy time but sent experience on editor integration to Silenio hovers for constructs.
  • Laksmi - Find occurences using Esprima. Plan to put it in as a plug-in. (John) all point tools are doing all their own parsing. (Silenio) there seems to be something providing an AST which Mark confirmed but nobody is using it.
  • Susan - Started out wrapping up bugs and widgetry. Working with Anton hooking in the tree model and commands and service lifecycle into Projects. Interesting UI questions are coming up. Deep trees in Drive list for example. Drop down menu positioning, going to look at that.
  • Simon - working on simple fixes nothing major. Over the weekend will be removing all JSLint errors. If you can look at your own code before I get to it. Next week mostly working on testing.
  • Anton - Thanks to Susan and John the Projects work is much healthier. SFTP is working again and we can link directories in the working set. It opens up Orion up a bit more in compartmentalizing your work. We've decided to include it but not link it in the navigation. (Simon) Open up a bug to refactor the Projects link into a plugin. (Anton) Will keep working on it and figure out a plan for 3.0. (McQ) Do we do anything for alerting about unsupported browsers? (Anton) will open a bug.
  • Carolyn - Eclipse primarily
  • Mark - Mostly working on Node server. CSS lint and one other plugin are in by default in Orionode. Fixed a bug with using Orion in a middleware app style. Some UI problems fixed in UI page. Will try to remove dependency on an async.
  • Libing - Orion - released new replace widget. Tested the Externalizer plugin seems fine. OrioNode - added shell page feature to show the URLs as a link. Updated how npm is found but doing a default guess. If not found, warn user to define where it is.
  • Grant - URLs in Shell commands. Using Markdown syntax. Fixed a bug on writing folders in the root of a file client.
  • Ken - Mostly IBM things and conference preparation
  • Silenio - Doing more on build side. Have a CQ for almond finished quickly so we can have a build for that as well as the requirejs version. Have been making it easy to embed Orion Editor in blog posts. Will post a blog about this. Uses a pre-built editor. Have standardized on how options are passed, language, rulers. Also want to have a build that puts the editor in the global name space.
  • Bogdan - Same as Silenio
  • John - Helping Anton and Bogdan. SFTP support. Still one open getting an error getting a project on Adding infomal node doc to our doc. We've been killing the windows slave for everyone else and fixed that. (Libing) What about doc for Node server. (All) What kind of doc should we generate in the end. Should we even ship it with Orion or just keep it on the web?
  • McQ - Was in a room who had never seen Orion before and 2-3 of them started to use it right away and the experience was positive. Except when they were trying to get stuff into and out of Orion.

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