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Orion/Meeting minutes/20130131

  • Next Week is RC1 - business as usual but no new features please
  • Plug for UX Call next week. Walk through on how to use the new editor builds and update on Projects.
  • Andy - Integrated a new Orion Editor. Not too painful. A few patches required and will get them back to Silenio. Also playing with the Theme support. Getting it going was tricky.
  • Gosia - Mostly on other Eclipse (That old one). Szymon did some refactoring on Git error handling.
  • Susan - Helping out with last minute Dojo removal. Bugs now and HTML fragments cleaning. Adding section to coding conventions. Blog post on web components in Orion. For RC1 most of the work is cleaning up and checking accessibility.
  • Andrew - Working with Andy with pulling in the latest editor. Looking at the text mate styler. Can any text mate style will Orion work with it? (Mark) Depends on the complexity of the styler. There are differences in REGEX expressions that the stylers use. (John) - Got blocked on Textmate due to licensing errors for the grammars.
  • Simon - More Dojo cleanup. Dojo out of build on Monday. Cleanup around plugin management. Also meta-data refresh is set to 24 hours. Should be fine for normal, not Orion developers. Fixing up unit tests and framework. Passing over the code looking for JSLint errors. JSLint clean is a goal. Around RC1 will do some formatting changes.
  • Carolyn - Introduced to a student who is doing some accessibility testing.
  • Grant - nothing Orion
  • John - Released branch for authentication for sftp. No credentials at all on the server. Basic auth challenge. Would like to see if we can use session state. Did M2 N&N. Will help with Bogdan for separate editor build.
  • Mark - Fixed minor bugs in sites code. Published new Orion npm and it includes all of M2.
  • Ken - Mostly IBM related things and some conference activity
  • Bogdan - Editor build. Have 2 builds. 1 uses requirejs and one uses almond. Need a CQ for it.
  • Silenio - Working with Lakshmi getting Esprima and finding occurrences to get it to a plugin.
  • Libing - Focussing on consumability of replace page. String externalizer, testing that. On Node, working on npm still.
  • McQ - Nothing
  • Anton - More work on Project. Wrote a blog on it. Been working on adding in the Orion content and Working Sets. Over next week or so will add controls to the tree. (Simon) Drives, and Orion Drives. (Anton) Had ongoing discussion.

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