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Orion/Meeting minutes/20130110


  • Gosia (IBM)
  • Szymon (IBM)
  • Eyal (HP)
  • Susan (IBM)
  • Simon (IBM)
  • Anton (IBM)
  • Grant (IBM)
  • Libing (IBM)
  • Mark (IBM)
  • Ken (IBM)
  • McQ (IBM)


  • M2 in two weeks (January 25), then 2.0 end-game starts


  • Szymon: Working on removal of Dojo. Planning to write examples showing how a plugin can contribute page visuals.
  • Gosia: Released changes to progress support. Forthcoming changes related to how progress is presented on various pages.
  • Discussed cancellation of asynchronous calls (Deferred) and operations. bug 397801 is a possible use case for UI of cancellation.
    • Libing: will open a new bug regarding cancellation of Operations (bug 397899).
  • Eyal: working on a POC using Orion. Discussing UI with Susan. Considering use of service extensions. Working with the Orion Node server.
    • Will the Node server have SCM (Git) integration? Team in Poland is investigating a JS-Git implementation, but that's a long ways out. For now, consider running multiple Orion servers, each providing different services. Orion's Node plan for 2.0 is a single-user environment without SCM. Feature parity with Java server is important in the long run.
  • Susan: Changed banner: removed favorites star, moved progress UI around.
    • NLS binding to widget templates. Dialog changes & bugfixes. Dojo removal from low-traffic pages.
    • Forthcoming: more Dojo/Dijit removal, dialog fixes. Rework "Create New Content" extension point in anticipation of Anton's work on Projects.
  • Discussion about Dijit removal.
    • Orion is not building a library for "widget" abstraction. UI components are built using HTML+JS, targeting the DOM. We use simple HTML "templates" when necessary. Dynamic behavior implemented with small amounts of JS when necessary.
    • Ultimately aiming at W3C decorator approach.
  • Grant: Dojo removal from Shell page is near completion. Working on extending File/Directory types in the Shell page, and defining the API for services consuming those types.
  • Simon:
    • Will be removing Dojo from Unit Test page.
    • Committed work on core code around Deferreds: eliminating stateful API. Added cancellation support. Bringing Deferred in line with Promises/A+ spec.
    • Working on delegated UI.
    • Working on HTML template support. Writing AMD plugin to allow templates to be defined outside of a JS file.
    • Working on Storage API.
  • Libing: Implemented npm support in the Node server. Posted to mailing list post explaining how to use npm. Fixed bugs in copy&paste files/folders between the Orion Node filesystem and other filesystems. Bugfixes both in client + Node server code.
  • Mark: Dojo/Dijit removal for Settings page. Investigating test runner (Mocha) for the Node server. Forthcoming changes to remove Dojo/Dijit from Sites pages.
  • Ken: Preparing a demo showing the use of Orion for Node development: starting fresh, installing npm modules, deploying to Cloud Foundry. Implementing deployment to Cloud Foundry.
  • Anton: Committed UI for a Project page. Working on the model underlying Projects. For M2, aiming to have workflows implemented for creating SFTP projects, and also vanilla HTML file projects.
    • Susan: can we use the Project approach to show "clone a new Git repository" workflow in the Navigator.

Silenio returns next week. Bogdan (IBM) to join in on editor work.

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