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Orion/Meeting minutes/20121220


  • Susan
  • Real
  • Simon
  • Anton
  • John
  • Car
  • Grant
  • Libing


  • No meeting next week
    • Meetings resume January 3
    • Meetings after today will be one hour earlier (11am EST)
  • Discussion on page creation, making it easier
    • Working on sample pages to make it easier to get started
    • Anton has concept document describing ideas on simplifying page reuse
  • Changing client folder layout to make it more reusable
    • Separate core from UI
    • Eliminate duplication between core and editor
  • Editor no longer requires dijit/dojo
  • Close to getting navigator dijit/dojo free
    • Dealing with dijit dialogs
    • Need to be able to handle nested splitters
  • Working on project landing page
    • Using HTML fragments to build up pieces
    • SFTP project is first example being worked on
  • SFTP-backed project support implemented on server
    • Read+write implemented
    • Connection caching/pooling to avoid separate SFTP connection per request
    • Authentication not yet implemented so not currently usable
  • Reviewing the UI library independence work to check for accessibility regressions
  • Fixed a compare regression
  • Fixing bugs in orionode - breadcrumbs, supporting copy/move in file service
  • Improving wildcard support in shell
    • Implementing zip shell command
  • Working on cancelation support and propagation in defered/promise
  • Presented to some OSGi core expert group members on JavaScript modularity
  • Landed support for improved inferencing in JS content assist
  • Getting ready to release Scripted 0.3, moving to Orion 1.0 after that
  • Someone from IBM research interested in JS static analysis work on Orion

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