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Orion/Meeting minutes/20121206

  • Susan
  • Eyal (new from HP)
  • Boris (new from HP)
  • Simon
  • John
  • Grant
  • Carolyn
  • Libing
  • Mark
  • Ken
  • Anton
  • McQ
  • Silenio


  • This is our M1 week. Ask that if you have any more changes don't break things. Hopefully build tonight or sometime Friday.
  • We should go through our pull requests in GitHub and address.


  • Simon - Working on URL. Checked in and tested. Still have one thing for M1 is binary file copy across file systems. Currently it's broken on Chrome 24 and higher. We're currently out of spec with promises but too risky for M1.
  • John - Spent this week trying to get tests running on Hudson, why failing on IE9. Basically timing out. Still hanging after reproducing and pushing a fix. Chrome 23 or 24 is running the tests now.
  • Grant - Added shell commands for the Node workflows. Seeding the page with a command ready to go. New in Navigator for "open shell here".
  • Carolyn - Focused on Eclipse. Working on Colour Contrast links. There's a tool for determining contrast that Carolyn will hand to Anton. Also tried tooltip accessibility and JAWS didn't read it. Will look for a web example. (Susan) does it read them on OrionHub? If so regression.
  • Libing - Put description in readme for describing how to use the debugger. For NPM support there are dependencies on Mark's work. Focussing on M1 bug fixing this week. Only bug left is using URL template for the search stuff. This is around encoding. Hard to figure out how to merge a Git pull request. Added more wiki doc after talking to Szymon. What about a plugin for better GitHub support rather than embedding all GitHub specific support into Orion.
  • Mark - For Orion have been working on binary file copy when you're self hosting. Refactored the way links are added to the user menu. On Orionode, did build fixes. Pulled in Grant's fixes for Shell. Changing the dependencies (or removing them), to let npm administer them. npm install is now required after checking out the orionode repo. GCLI commands can report progress within the shell. Haven't submitted this back to GCLI yet. Now working on websocket that uses progress API that can get the output from the node commands you run.
  • Ken - Working mostly internal at IBM on talking to teams, gathering requirements and generally being an Orion pusher.
  • Anton - Committed more theming updates for all of CSS/HTML and JavaScript. New default font called Prospecto. The colour choices are not by accident but should rename the Orion one to Eclipse. You can now change your fonts but there's still work to do between me and Silenio. Also first cut of in page styling panel. Trying to do that in a generic way for that "gear" area of the page. Might be useful for other pages. (Ken) maybe the Git pages. Currently you're required to refresh the page to get the changes but that will be looked at after M1.
  • McQ - Playing with Orionode. Have found 3 things to make it unusable. Binary file transfer, couldn't create new root level folders. (Mark) have opened up some issues on GitHub to track those problems (see 2, 3, 4)
  • Silenio - Finished up more Android work. You can select text, cursor selection, still some problems with swipe keyboard. But overall more usable now. Still working on variable line height. Also the Chrome performance bug. Then gone for 4 weeks.
  • Susan - Still pushing toward a DoJo free editor but not happening for M1. Have common code for digit managers being called so it's an all or nothing approach is going to be required in M2. We need to cleanup and review to get rid of wrapping, and wrapping with hitch(). Into M2 we need to build time for this. (McQ) does it make sense to put TODO's in code as you see it? (Susan) If its bad enough I fix it. Will open a Wiki page on the patterns of what I'm seeing.

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