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Orion/Meeting minutes/20121122

  • Andrew
  • Mark
  • Simon
  • John
  • Grant
  • Carolyn
  • Libing
  • Anton
  • Ken
  • Silenio
  • McQ


2.0 Plan (John) - would like us to update the compatibility description. (Ken) has some words from Simon and will update the plan.


  • Andrew - Trying to help Tom get patches in. One is going in and another is about API. Would like to get it added as soon as possible. Mark to look at patch again.
  • Mark - Git repo page fix only. On Orion Node work, Libing working on getting Debugging working. Working on how to interact with node processes. Haven't figured out the Shell interaction or if GCLI needs to change. The
  • Simon - Implementation of HTML5 Templates. Available now. Allows you to put inert HTML block, reference it, and put it back into the DOM. Also working on a URL shim for parsing URLs. Will land in WebDAV example.
  • John - Mostly EclipseCon things. Plus community patch investigation. Going to spend time on build. Fact that icons are not branded properly.
  • Grant - Orion, implemented two commands suggested for plugins and services.
  • Carolyn - Nothing this week on Orion
  • Libing - Focusing on Node debugging from Orion. Made progress on a shell command page for node debug and customized port for app and node inspector.
  • Anton - Missed most of the week with a cold. Looking at consistency of styles between various parts of UI. Looking at putting a cog/gear on the editor page so you can quickly change things there.
  • Ken - Meeting with Sungard team on integrating Lightdust. Interested in co-hosting at OrionHub their Web based BPM modelling tools integrated with Orion.
  • Silenio - Variable line hight but not complete yet. (Simon) Seems the editor is slower
  • McQ - Experimenting doing a Windows 8 Metro look and feel style. Works bit it was a pretty big CSS hack.

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