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Orion/Meeting minutes/20121108

  • Andy
  • Lakshmi
  • Susan
  • Szymon
  • Simon
  • John
  • Libing
  • Mark
  • Ken
  • Anton
  • McQ
  • Silenio
  • Grant


  • Planning - Simon and Ken hope to have the 1st draft out tomorrow. Three top level work items or categories.
  • Deployment - transforming projects, potentially using Shell commands, UX work to find out what it look like if we has a great UX around deployment.
  • Consumability - making it easy for consumers in Eclipse and Web community and internally. Working on solid Skinning examples. We are also stuck on an older version of Dojo so we're looking at removing dependencies here to make Orion agnostic with respect to UI libraries. Also working on a build partitioner. What things end up going into installs.
  • Node.js development Environment - Use node without leaving Orion Working around a file service for Node, simple hosting. Navigator, editor, shell, and some sort of Sites equivalent. Launching node processing, configuring Node via NPM and also debugging. How to debug a running node application. Want to provide some better UI for this. Don't want to force user to just use Shell commands. Idea is to support Node package loading if at all possible. Have an eye here to reintegrate with Scripted content assist benefits. How does this work with OrionHub? Unknown at the moment.


  • Andy - Thinking about requirements for Orion. Editor enhancements are something interested.
  • Lakshmi - Marker features in the editor.
  • Susan - Looking at editor actions with Szymon. Jumping into Library independence. This is looking through code to remove dependencies on 3rd party libraries which might limit downstream consumption. (John) make sure we're not just replacing one javascript function from another and make sure we're leveraging the HTML5 capabilities of the browser.
  • Szymon - delegated UIs. Problems arising from Orion Hackathon. Plugins and visual elements required by these plugins. Problems with reporting progress and also authentication.
  • Simon - Looking at core architecture for deployment. Looking at authorization problem, asking Persona folks for some help. Looked at Content Security Policy, puts restrictions on page actions (eval for example). Planning, talking, etc to make sure we're doing 2.0 properly.
  • John - Away
  • Libing - Advanced search UI almost done. Backend support, currently running on crawler.
  • Mark - Doing work on Node Orion server. Have something that will allow you to run a Node app. Issue a Shell command that runs a node script in a process. Have changes to XHR support for progressive updates. Some bug fixes. Prototyped service extensions for syntax model. Defines interface and have an example to provide an AST for Javascript code using Esprima.
  • Ken - EclipseCon and Hackathon. Working on planning.
  • Anton - UX parts of Orion deployment, updating web sites, etc. Have some mockups to share with people. Have been trying to come up with new concepts of a Project and what you would see upon your first login to OrionHub. Will finish off writing it up and circulate. CSS editor needs to be improved for completion and content assist.
  • McQ - have been using Orion on Android. BT keyboard is essential. Still work needed.
  • Silenio - Editor plan - consumability, variable line hight stuff.
  • Grant - Working with Simon

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