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Orion/Meeting minutes/20121101


  • Susan
  • Andy
  • Andrew
  • John
  • Simon
  • Carolyn
  • Silenio
  • Mark
  • Anton
  • Grant


  • Some work done on style of content assist
  • UX discussion going on related to deploy, SFTP, data flows
  • Fixing some small bugs that didn't make 1.0
  • Further prototyping of node.js server
  • Added template for creating a new plugin
  • Accessibility fixes in editor
  • Some fixes in GCLI
  • Working on advanced search and quick access
  • Investigating chrome extension for SFTP support
  • Added node.js support to content assist
  • Investigating a JSHint plugin
  • Watching orionhub logs and fixing errors that are showing up

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