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Orion/Meeting minutes/20121018

  • Lakshmi
  • Susan
  • Szymon
  • Simon
  • Silenio
  • Carolyn
  • Libing
  • Grant
  • Mark
  • Ken
  • John


  • RC3 - Trying to wind it down. Working on injection or innerHTML issues and URLs that are received by plugins. So working on a final pass of these changes.
  • Ken - Forgot to mention the updated Eclipse Orion Page!


  • Lakshmi - Fixed key bindings for expand/collapse annotations.
  • Susan - Working on remaining doc including Git task doc. 3/4 done with that. Playing with Selenium, should have thoughts about automated smoke-tests next week.
  • Szymon - Mostly working on Jazz integration example with Orion - will be part of talk at EclipseCon Europe
  • Simon - Added support to mount other Orion file systems. You can mount orion local host on, etc. Plugin Meta-data (name, description, version, login, license). Did some basic 401 authentication handling. Working on Security.
  • Carolyn - Screen reader bugs to be reported and also been doing Eclipse stuff
  • Libing - Documentation, user reference, small bug fixed for RC3. Will add info in plugin extension for search completion.
  • Grant - No Dev work, just some documentation. Question about return from plugin in Shell. Mark thinks there might be some innerHTML issues.
  • Mark - Enabled person logins on, did small UI fixes related to accessibility, also working on the security issues with Simon.
  • Ken - Reviewing changes, Orion graduation documentation, small bug fixes, documentation, EclipseCon Europe work, new Landing page
  • John - simple plugin example should have the right information. Doc work and setting up orionhub with lots of disk space. also will do migration of orionhub to Reviewed legal issues and files. Made sure that the licenses were included when required. Also, did a copyright pass.
  • Silenio - Not much on Orion. Focus on Eclipse.

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