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Orion/Meeting minutes/20121011

  • Andy
  • Andrew
  • Lakshmi
  • Susan
  • Gosia
  • Simon
  • Libing
  • Grant
  • Carolyn
  • Silenio
  • Ken
  • John
  • Mark
  • Anton
  • McQ


RC2 - need another committer to review changes at this point. RC2 tomorrow based on a build around 3pm, if there are issues it will hold of until Monday.


  • Andy - Scripted is now available. Next week at Spring One.
  • Andrew - Not much, just doing pieces together. Last week put Doctrine in, waiting on a review from Simon.
  • Lakshmi - Adding key bindings for expand/collapse annotations
  • Susan - Cleaning up error handling for disconnected state. Commit dialog. First visit to OrionHub leaves no commands.
  • Gosia - Working on profile page for admin and Xternalizer. Working on duplication in the repositories page.
  • Simon - Cross site mounting of file systems. Then reviewing things with Doctrine and Persona.
  • Libing - Just working on defects targeting RC2. Also looking at Accessibility issues using JAWS. Blog post also up on Orion Search completion of a datalist.
  • Grant - Latest fixes for GCLI and are in (IP cleared).
  • Carolyn - Working with Libing on accessibility of the tree table/navigator. For RC2 the number of changes are too large. There are two areas separate. Use of keyboard, and there's using a screen reader. Focus on keyboard accessibility. Also some simple fixes on the Login page.
  • Silenio - Got editor to work better on Android. Still a few issues, not likely fixed in 1.0. Still working on a wrapping bug while zoomed.
  • Ken - working on release review material.
  • Mark - Persona support has been released. There's some fixes required for because it's run behind a proxy. Also done some work on disconnected error reported case.
  • Anton - Changed login page to accommodate Persona and changes suggested by breakout page. Keyboard accessibility is going to be addressed. Also need to look at authentication options in profile page. Also working on page.
  • McQ - Nothing
  • John - Working on OpenID problem behind a proxy. Import local file case not to unzip and the client ends up sending two requests. Backup server. Documentation please everybody help out here.

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