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Orion/Meeting minutes/20120906


  • Ken
  • Susan
  • John
  • Simon
  • Mark
  • Libing
  • Silenio
  • Grant
  • Anton


  • Two weeks until 1.0 M2 build
  • If you are still doing work for M2 please make sure there is an open bug with a 1.0 M2 target milestone


  • Build on is currently not minifying which makes it very slow
    • Need to track down the failures: trailing commas and reserved words
  • Code review tool has been released to master, integration with bugzilla via extra plugin
  • Can save private key in user profile page
  • Filtering Git branch and tags list
  • Bug fixes and regression tests for URL changes
  • Working on enabling phrase search on server
  • Pagination of user list: server fixes in, client fixes about to be released
  • Some discussion in UX call about notification and error reporting
    • Want some basic mechanism for global system notices or notifications, probably on login page
  • Need a mechanism to enable a plugin to contribute static sample/template content
  • Some API work on explorer renderer model for navigator
  • Looking for feedback on using the new esprima content assist
    • Initial experience is very positive, no failures with it so far
  • Aligning editor themes with general Orion UI themes.
  • Identified several use cases to focus improvements to user experience
    • Will only be able to make progress on a small set for M2 / 1.0
  • Discusions with GGCLI committers to get in fixes we need for console
    • There is a branch in GCLI for fixes we need so we can consume them safely
    • Need a CQ for consuming new version of GCLI
  • Still hoping to get editor word wrap and variable line height working for M2
  • Added global search option for doing regular expression search
    • Regex search is performed by client side crawling search
  • Working on reorganizing and categorizing the settings page around configuration service
  • Changed registry event API to use W3C event model
  • Changes to test suites to handle tests that hang. Now when a test times out the individual test failures but the test suite continues running
  • Need to do a pass to cleanup the API that is exposed to plugins: plugin.js, and service contracts

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