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Orion/Meeting minutes/20120830


  • Andy
  • Andrew
  • Kris
  • Simon
  • Grant
  • Silenio
  • Libing
  • Mark
  • Ken
  • Anton
  • John


3 Weeks before M2.


  • Andy - New Esprima from CQ patched. 1.0 will likely not have recovery.
  • Andrew - Committed the content assist work plus disabled work for the Node backend. Waiting on a JSDoc CQ that will help content assist. Still a separate plugin. default.pref file has been changed.
  • Kris - Working on editor on the open resource dialog. Query runs on server but can be updated on the fly. Protocol between client/server. This is for Rigel. Libing to send info on file to look for.
  • Simon - Checked in plugin meta data, licenses, etc. Working on the plugins page and knocking off bugs there. If the plugin has name metadata then it will use it. Should be described in a spec in the future. Preference changes should propagate through pages so looking into that. Looking at making local storage is where settings are done and then they are stored on the server separately so that plugins don't need to worry about handling it.
  • Grant - Console is getting upgraded to latest GCLI from Mozilla. Will put in a CQ when that is ready.
  • Silenio - Fixed bug on new version of Firefox when using DBCS. Worked a bit on wrapping code.
  • Libing - Released fix for compare two folders. Still likely need some styling work on results page. (John) Could we compare with a favourite? Or open resource dialog? (Libing) Susan was going to customize the navigation widget.
  • Mark - Working on doc for the configuration service. Working on settings page moving the contributed settings out of plugin settings and into logical categories.
  • Ken - Users list pagination should be released today
  • Anton - Fixing bugs and making improvements to Orion container theme. Apply to all open pages needs to get fixed up. Started working on canned themes for the editor. Aim is to add in an approach to pick from combo box of themes and allow extensibility for external formats. Look at notifications and logs UI. Can talk about this Tuesday on UX call. Interactions where the user maybe or is required to help.
  • John - Released URL file structure. Really only visible on a new server with user names and folder names. Some bugs still. Looking at documentation at M2. Also working on EC Europe.

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