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Orion/Meeting minutes/20120823


  • Andy
  • Andrew
  • Kris
  • Gosia
  • Szymon
  • Maciej
  • John
  • Libing
  • Ken
  • Simon


  • i18N issue. A consumer of Orion uses Dojo 1.7 and they need the definitions in the root.


  • Andy - In process of putting in the new Esprima
  • Andrew - Once Andy is done will put work into Orion. Looking at JSDoc support for better type inferencing. CQ for Doctrine going to be submitted.
  • Kris - Working on backend node support for the inferencing. Looking at incremental find.
  • Gosia - i18N email being sent to Simon
  • Szymon - GSoC student. There's a new wiki page regarding the contribution features. Make it easier to review contributions. Has been working on a plugin to modify a bugzilla item in the commit page.
  • Maciej - Working on saving Git credentials.
  • John - Restructuring of URLs so they no longer have project ID but have Name. Have all tests passing except for site hosting. Close to being released.
  • Libing - Worked on compare any two resources. But not implementing anything more fancy for 1.0. Found issue with how code is using file client and entered a defect. We're making an assumption there's 1 file service in code. This has to be changed. Might investigate comparing 2 folders but if it's too complex this might be put on hold.
  • Ken - Source maps simply not designed for AMD modules, holding off on further investigation. Working on user list page for admin.
  • Simon - Working with internal IBM teams working with Orion. Editor integration items. Validations and a little about code assist and i18N. Plugin meta-data. login/logout, license, etc. Will continue to look at login workflows around Orion.

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