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Orion/Meeting minutes/20120816


  • Andy
  • Susan
  • Simon
  • Silenio
  • Libing
  • Ken
  • Mark
  • Anton
  • John

Overall Discussion

  • Still seems like a lot of work going into M2. Try to get it in as quickly as possible. Perhaps having a pre milestone freeze or build.
  • Error reporting and progress reporting overall in Orion needs attention.
  • Should we pick a JGit version and stick with it


  • Andy - Extending Orion talk submitted for EC Europe. CQ approved for Esprima approved. The rebased outline view can be dropped in. Have removed the variables from there. (Simon) Finds the outline view not pretty. Folding would be good. Filter perhaps. Andy was looking at a popup outline. Working on code assist, JSDoc integration for types. DocTree (Esprima based doc parser). This is still client side.
  • Susan - Going on vacation for two weeks. Back Sept. 4th. Digit removal for layout released. If questionable layout, look at OrionHub (M1) to see if the defect is there first. M2 big thing to look at consumability of navigator component. Then perhaps look at that for directory prompter. (Simon) Getting started, possible to make this dynamic? (Susan) Concerned about security regarding plugins making calls to add content to workspace. Susan to talk to Simon.
  • Simon - Hoping post 1.0 we can work more closely with VMWare on javascript tooling. Security items are coming in, might break plugins but will work with Mark. Authentication from other plugins should be part of the drop and might surface in something like the WebDAV plugin. (Susan) Unsure about NLS for plugins. Opened a bug assigned to Simon bug 386890. (Simon) Cottage work on Orion was not optimal. Need to work on using AppCache for improving performance.
  • Silenio - Worked a bit on wordwrapping code. Changed layout of texteditor a bit. Mozilla has a list of defects that we're working on. Being slow on long lines defect should be covered by wordwrapping.
  • Libing - Working on crawling search bugs. Feature pushed so just going by feedback, mostly on scoping issues. For M2 will work on comparing two resources.
  • Ken - Currently working on source maps.
  • Mark - Converting pages to AMD and getting them minified. Plugin settings UI bugs.
  • Anton - Theme was committed before vacation and now working on it again. Want to revisit the canned themes and make them a little bit more useful. Developed with LESS in mind so need to catch up there. Want to show you can make a plugin to add a theme. Adding themes to the editor. New icon for merge/squash. Added a remembered page for the settings page. Also want to complete vector icons.
  • John - URL changes. Project names vs. ID. Working except for Git code. Server side makes assumptions so working through. (Simon) What about the username. (John) worried about the Git changes. Tried Orion on mobile Chrome on new Nexus tablet.

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