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Orion/Meeting minutes/20120726


  • Susan
  • Libing
  • Silenio
  • Mark
  • McQ
  • John
  • Anton
  • Simon


  • M1 coming up in two weeks
  • Tracking down git push problem
    • Client side Orion bug resulting in forced push
    • Mystery why server side was allowing non-FF commits in master
    • John to enable server hook
  • Working on implementation of word wrap in editor
  • Support for file name search using client-side search crawler
  • Working on support for comparing any two files
  • Rough cut of user id in URL in a branch. Lots of client side work to do for various workflows.
  • Working on plugin settings client UI
  • Unify CSS style class names so theming works consistently in editor
  • Discussion of starting post-iteration demos so team is all aware of what's new
  • Saved searches should be in drop-down below search input box
  • Released theme settings page that allows for customized themes
  • Still working on font-based icons but not for M1
  • Close to being able to use LESS in our theme story
  • Working on layout that doesn't use border container
  • Plugin API changes being made
    • Service registry API more closely aligned with OSGi
  • Changes in test framework so each test does not need to include plugin.js

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