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Orion/Meeting minutes/20120719


  • Andy
  • Andrew
  • Anton
  • Simon
  • Grant
  • Libing
  • Silenio
  • Ken
  • Mark


  • Andy - Rigil screenshot and info sent to Susan for OSCON. Recoverable Esprima with content assist in. (Simon) Hierarchical outline view should be default. (Andy) would like to do some work on it if possible anonymous functions and should we take out variable names? Update to a latest version of JSBeautify?
  • Andrew - Content assist and tests will happen after Esprima integration.
  • Anton - Working on the themeing. UI is pretty much done. Can apply styles from there. Partitioned CSS into theme.css which has components from other CSS files. While waiting for Less CQ, have code that takes variables and generates CSS. Working on persistence so hopefully that will be committed soon. Also worked at generating an Orion web font (sizing, centering, etc.)
  • Simon - Authentication and workflow around it. If a service request requires authentication it will throw a specific unauthorized error. There will be an auth service required. Also looking at plugin install workflow like name/description/etc. Will say a plugin defines a definition for the installation. Approve a license, approve accepting messages from Orion to the plugin, etc. Some of this will effect look and feel inside the UI. Will likely remove the services widget but will try to surface this in the console (what plugins are installed, similar to an equinox/OSGi console).
  • Grant - Latest GCLI from Github in workspace. Working on integrating it. 2 big issues. That it doesn't work with IE9. But looks like they will put in the shim. The other is that plugins are not able to provide custom types, GCLI can't take requests asynchronously. Bug open but waiting on opinions. (Simon) Could we pre-cache suggestions in service meta-data? Also, it has changed licenses.
  • Libing - Crawling search. Prototype of keyword is done. Large file systems like Orion (12-13 seconds), for Eclipse (took 2 1/2 minutes). If we can figure out a paging mechanism it would be useful. Now looking at filename search. (Simon) What about the notion of progress? When search goes away can we populate as it goes? Believe we need the concept of partial results and interruption.
  • Silenio - Implemented a non-focus selection indication for the case with no iFrame. Rulers were too "liney". Worked with some CSS but hit a stop where the settings page is overriding default colours. Need to add more entries to settings page. Anton to look at adding the ruler colours and other fixes to the settings page. Also looking at bugs from Mozilla team.
  • Ken - Demos, examples, planning, EclipseCon proposals, and briefings within IBM
  • Mark - Working on plugin settings stuff. Settings service. Implemented using the configuration stuff he's been working on. Could possibly add console UI for them? Did work on async test running so that unfinished tests quit. Saves by default as you're typing.

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