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Orion/Meeting minutes/20120531


  • Andrew
  • Andy
  • Susan
  • Gosia
  • John
  • Simon
  • Grant
  • Mark
  • Ken


  • M2 was released Monday! Slight delay to make sure login screen was working properly.
  • For RC1 it seems things are somewhat unstable. Could we do a test pass on Friday? What major bugs do we have left? We'd like to have every major blocking bug under control.


  • Andrew - Working mostly on other things
  • Andy - CQ for Esprima code is in. Builds nicely but waiting for CQ to clear.
  • Gosia - Globalization stuff updating, working with Babel team. Finishing updating the wiki page as well. How to install language pack and run tools.
  • Susan - Finished updating all pages for info into breadcrumbs or browser tab. There is an object now with what the page is, the resource, etc. Looked a bit at performance rendering sooner. The header is in the HTML so you should not get the white page and then it should fill in. Released a bit of instrumentation in the current build. Will be interesting to see where the big pauses are happening.
  • John - What's new for 0.5. 3rd Party dependencies changed. Looking at defect on uploading a single file.
  • Simon - Optimization work. Plugin registry fails faster. Optimized file and authentication plugins. Login done in bootstrap is no longer blocking.
  • Grant - Console some changes for robustness and performance. Content assist much more responsive. Working on an example to be blogged. Need to put doc for contribution point up.
  • Mark - Configuring managed services and plugin registry. Working on parameter types for services.
  • Ken - Not much, had a couple of days holidays and doing an internal IBM conference

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