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Orion/Meeting minutes/20120524


  • Andrew E
  • Susan
  • Andy
  • Kris
  • Szymon
  • Anton
  • Simon
  • Libing
  • Grant
  • Mark
  • Ken
  • John


  • This week is M2 Week. Hopefully no new feature work in release candidates? First candidate build for M2 is tonight (Thursday 24th). This will be published to OrionHub.
  • Then head into RC1. If you are doing bugs on new feature work get approval from Ken or Simon. Otherwise it should be bug fixes, performance, UX quality. RC1 for 2 weeks. RC2 requires additional committer sign-off. RC2 requires additionally Ken or Simon.


  • Andrew E - not much Orion. Exploring some multi-module content assist but nothing to share at the moment
  • Andy - still need to do CQ for Esprima. Talking to Esprima lead to get recovery in but likely not in 1.0 but is interested. Met with John Barton at Google and talked about Google Summer of code and we're in the loop for that. Looking to make the editor pluggable. AMD aware module completion prototype is under development.
  • Kris - Backend of what Andrew needs to find dependencies of files. Trying to maintain client and server implementations but might settle on server implementation.
  • Susan - Very last of the outliner holdups converted over to new section support. As we style the sections everyone should get it. Scoped key bindings. Navigator now supports delete and rename keybindings for example. Fallout moving to new selection model. Getting rid of checkboxes and having lists changed peoples expectations on what the target is for an action. Definitely open bugs on copy/paste or new file or folder. Still going to be page-by-page examination during RCs.
  • Szymon - Major feature work is done. Still discussion about inline actions. McQ suggested default action in navigator. So working on that in Git page. During RC work on sectional pages based on defects and comments. GSOC student has a change on Github cloning repositories. For Gosia - major work for globalization is done and bundles for Babel ready. She has released a tool for helping with externalization. Thomaz - Git Squash commit available but not going into latest JGIT release so we might want a summer release to get the change back to consume it. JGit also planning breaking API changes in next release so need to keep on top of this.
  • Anton - Mostly styling changes, banner, title, search, buttons, section headers. Any opinions are welcome. Making progress in user settings/profile and need to get the landing page in.
  • Simon - i18n builds change, orion bootstrap changes, login work for landing page but also moving login code from server to client when possible. Will mean all login dialogs, auth plugins, will be in the client. Means we can optimize it and test it immediately. For RCs will be looking at performance.
  • Libing - Enhancing the selection model and evaluating/fixing uses in various pages. Changing the twisty behaviour in Git Status pages. Still have 2 bugs on replace page and checkboxes.
  • Grant - Eclipse week
  • Mark - Fixing plugin registry with settings still not working. Not realistic to get UI things for plugin settings for M2.
  • Ken - Mozilla app store, WebDAV support.
  • John - Jetty and Orbit for M2. Need to update them. Want alignment for the release train. Submitted the IP log for the release. RC1 fix, post method for creating user account would like an email address added.

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