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Orion/Meeting minutes/20120517


  • Mark
  • Susan
  • Gosia
  • Szymon
  • Simon
  • Grant
  • John
  • Ken
  • Anton
  • McQ
  • Libing


  • Last week of M2


  • Mark - Low level services, properties they can receive from Orion side. Need the loaded event from registry. Few M2 defects still to work on.
  • Susan - Left hand side for Navigator work continuing. Working with Szymon on Gitstatus2. Chevrons are gone. Which pages to have inline commands or not. Looking at Key bindings too with respect to the selection model.
  • Gosia - Working on globalization. Loading language packs with plugins. Babel might host language packs for us so that would just be a URL. Working on preparing our language packs for new format. Working on a tool to externalize strings. Please do not leave unmodified files uncommitted for Monday and Gosia will apply using the tool for externalized strings. (Simon) Need to figure out how to combine plugins together so you could, for example, load the Orion French language pack. (John) We are not looking at the server really so should we be looking to translate any strings being sent back from the server to the client?
  • Szymon - Gitstatus2 work. Plan is to link new page on Monday. A couple of issues left to fix.
  • Simon - i18n work. Looking at login workflow. Check for authservice and user logged in, if not then redirect to login page. Some bugs around encoding and what comes after the hash. That is only part of the story. Need to figure out how to integrate Anton's new page. There are 5-6 auth bundles on the server and medium term maybe refactor into a cleaner separation of client side ui code and server side back end. Need RC2 and RC3 targets. Performance work post M2
  • Anton - User menu and settings. User Profile page is almost finished. Still more work on visual tweaks in Gitstatus, pushed some new twisties. Work on landing page with Simon. Talked with visual designer and will see what we can pick off. (John) need to look into account creation on OrionHub because we get an email address but don't use it as an email address. (All) I think we need to have a separate ID vs always using the email address.
  • Grant - A few console fixes. But largely an Eclipse week.
  • Libing - Release multiple selections model part. You can use same model id on favourites and file navigator. Now can use left/right arrow keys to toggle the twisties. Replace page with check boxes is a bit weird in current selection model. It's unique. Selection model is based on model ID. Anyone modifying selection has to remember this.
  • Ken - Not much in Orion other than reviewing and suggesting UI changes
  • John - Not much in Orion. Entered bug on rhino use in require.js. Google summer of Code on Chrome tools and Orion with John Barton should kick off soon. The embedding of Orion will likely kick off ideas and discussions.
  • McQ - Nothing

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