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Orion/Meeting minutes/20120510


  • Andy
  • Andrew
  • Chris
  • Szymon
  • Susan
  • John
  • Libing
  • Ken
  • Grant
  • Anton
  • Simon


  • M2 is Friday, May 25th
  • Please provide feedback on a theme for the UX meeting next week


  • Andy - Looking at recovery changes on Esprima but Orion's is a bit too old. We should go to a more recent version. Will raise a CQ and ping Simon when it's in. Will work on outline view and inplace outline view.
  • Andrew - Working on content assist. Trying to figure out on client side when we deal on dependencies (AMD style). Waiting for Esprima parser patched and will transfer when he has and tests.
  • Chris - Working on component to provide clues as to what the dependencies are. HTML files with script tags. Currently works for simple cases. What is important is what is the context for the javascript file in an HTML file. Currently using HTMLParser node module.
  • Szymon - Mostly on sectional pages including Git Status page. Lots of feedback so working on it.
  • Gosia - Globalization work. Being able to plugin localization messages using plugins. Also working on tooling to localize code.
  • Thomaz - Performance bugs in Git. We tend to get more information in the responses than we need to display. Preparing a shaping resources, parameterize URLs for Git so the responses can be made smaller. Result should be Git UI is faster.
  • Susan - Content generation seems finished and is in the Navigator. Talking with Simon about index.html now. Working with Libing on selection model. The model might be controversial so feedback is welcome. Has moved up into the "gear" like menu. Trying to get rid of the confusion between what you can do in bulk. Now working on scoped selection services for sections. Want to bring together all the selection parts in different pages will be in shared code.
  • John - New Lecene/Solr 3.5 seems to be helping file handle
  • Silenio - Nothing to add today
  • Libing - Released code for selection model. Major focus on Navigation page. Also applied to Git Log page, search Page and Replace page. Still needs to work on Search/Replace page. Should we apply it to site editing page. (Simon) Search replace page the UI seems to have a lot of similarity to Git Status page? Should we do a little work to align the look and behaviour? (Libing) Once Szymon finishes GitStatus2 he will revisit this.
  • Mark - Committed Sites refactoring. Few UI implications to sites pages. This is sectional based by Sites provider. Talked to Simon about settings. Talked to Anton and Susan about UI for settings page.
  • Ken - Lots of mockup discussions. Release Mozilla app store info.
  • Grant - Console is out there. Bit of a UI issue but is fixed in master. Will likely close the bug to commit it and then take open bugs on features/issues with it. Will likely do a blog post against it.
  • Anton - Submitted first part of user profile and settings, and settings page. Working to complete that. Submitted some style changes in title area. Mocked up a version of the Git status view. Will add the mockup to the bug. started working on user menu. Login page work waiting on Simon
  • Simon - Working on disconnected use cases. Some changes in to let one run settings-less. To make sure it still works with no plugins. Incrementally adding plugins to make it work offline. Starting work on a search crawler and site implementation for the HTML5 file system. Would like that for M2. Looked at Dojo 1.7 and am not sure it can be done for M2. Not sure it will be in 0.5. Just too many changes. Looking at front page with orion core auth problems. Should be releasing something soon. Doing work on localization, tweak on what we have. Want us to leverage support in i18S but still want dynamic languages supported after install. Have been looking at Twitter Bootstrap. They're using less under the covers. Have done a good job on Theming. Like to encourage everyone to take a look at it. (Anton) exceptional at explaining how to use it (Simon) Doc is good.

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