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Orion/Meeting minutes/20120503


  • Andy
  • Andrew
  • Susan
  • McQ
  • Simon
  • Grant
  • Silenio
  • Libing
  • Ken
  • Mark


  • Esprima, GCLI in. We should be able to bump the versions quickly using parallel IP.
  • Anton sent out a UX Wiki link, please provide feedback.
  • Also send an email with 3 themes to discuss on the next call
  • Adobe released Brackets editor


  • Andy - Componentizing. Pulled out highlighting (fine), regular code assist (fine), Esprima (fine). Haven't tried JSLint yet.
  • Andrew - getting multi file content assist ready. Client mostly, Chris is doing the server. Infer return type will release soon, have tests as well. If you provide content assist engine with dependancies with certain shape. Can now recognize global dependencies. If you are an AMD module referencing other, you can see parameters in code complete. Also implemented a kind of indexer and uses browser local storage. Implements currently as a syntax validator and either opening or saving is the time to decide. (Simon) how are you inheriting the AMD configs? (Andrew) still bit of an open questions. Currently handle by making educated guesses in the project and sub directory scanning. Still working on the server side component for this.
  • Susan - Moving getting started into the navigator. The old extension point itemizes steps with links and provides little value. What's really needed is "create content" extension. Talking to Maqetta confirmed this, they were using getting started but really want a "new project" hook. So how do we expect plugins to populate content? Is it a project with natures...we create a folder and slurp a template? Or do we expect a plugin to implement a file service? (Simon) Implementing a file service is complex/confusing, but there may be a reasonable subset to define. (Susan) If file service is the answer we would need metadata in the extension for UI that describes "New XXX". (Simon) we don't know yet how an arbitrary plugin gets secure access to the file system. (Susan) after discussing all this with Simon we agreed to provide canned/internal content creation for 0.5. Will remove the getting started extension point since it provides little/no value.
  • McQ - Nothing
  • Simon - HTML5 local file system implementation. Works in Chrome enabled. There is a shim out there for other browsers. Does not work for search yet. Dojo 1.7 might be very difficult but will be looking at it. Working with Anton on landing page. Will be pluggable but Orion version will be login page. (McQ) what does that really mean? Is it an identity page or something else?
  • Grant - GCLI is in the repo so will work on refactoring the demo from Kris into a console "widget". Also the console page will be where commands, parameter types and fields can be contributed to.
  • Silenio - Worked on line wrapping but no big progress. Worked on localized names for action id's so separating that out. Does the text view store the localized strings so menus for tablets for example could be brought up to select. Problem is it is kind of looking like commands.
  • Libing - Made progress on selection model and navigation. Now in navigator page you can see the cursor highlighting the current like and use arrows to navigate and press enter to invoke link or command. Also applied model to Git log page. For the explorer based selection this should be good. You use browser tab to get into a section then arrow keys.
  • Ken - Still working on WebDAV fixes and user workflows
  • Mark - Still working on Site refactoring. It's pluggable now. Self hosting is a bit of trouble. Concept of self hosting is now in the service. Thinking about plugin settings and will update the bug.

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