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Orion/Meeting minutes/20120426


  • Andy
  • Andrew
  • Gosia
  • Szymon
  • Tomasz
  • Susan
  • McQ
  • Max
  • Grant
  • Silenio
  • Ken
  • Simon
  • Libing
  • Mark
  • Anton
  • John


  • Esprima was approved and GCLI is in the works. Content assist could be merged in. We should contribute the changes back to Esprima for error recovery.
  • User Experience meeting will be booked next week.
  • Server experiencing out of memory. This has never really happened so something has changed.
  • Syntax Highlighting discussion on Google +


  • Andy - Work around pulling Orion pieces. Has stand alone editor running. Minimal Editor won't work without server running. Has a reference to requirejs in a separate bundle. Would be nice to have a sample that's just the editor. Next is to add a plugin or two (highlighting or something). (Simon) would like this to be consumable without Dojo if possible
  • Andrew - Started working structure of JavaScript file, point content assist, working with multi file content assist. Maybe put files in local storage of the browser. Going to be a JSON representation that can be stored in local storage.
  • Gosia - First language pack received from Babble. Added some features for reporting progress. Created a class section that can be used.
  • Szymon - Git status page (new one). If you open old git status page, just add a 2 and you'll see the work in progress. Feedback welcome. Sectional pages some navigation work has been done. Selection service for sections. Adding commands for Sections.
  • Tomasz - Pushed change for encoding slashes in URIs. Fixing bugs in UI around those changes. Look for problems in Git log and report them. Work on comparing branches is currently in progress.
  • Susan - Talking about sectional services and scoped selections. Commands service changes are taking place. Talked to Libing and Max about selections and accessibility. Looking at getting started items into Navigation page if new user. Changed Dojo themes to get borders working properly on Webkit Browsers.
  • McQ - Nothing
  • Max - wrote keybinding to expand and collapse. Worked on polish type bugs on accessibility. Working on blog post on how to make something accessible.
  • Grant - Have the console work Chris done and updated to current state of Orion. Enables you to submit a command or multiple commands. Has ls, cd and pwd as build in commands. Biggest suggestion dynamically compute on the fly completions. Should this be a new page or relative to what you are doing. This is currently all client side but the demo has some server side examples.
  • Silenio - Branch for line wrapping work. Some progress. SWT work this week at the moment. Line wrapping and variable hight at same time.
  • Ken - Fixing the WebDAV plugin and still working on the Mozilla app
  • Simon - Working on HTML5 File System. Getting clearance for items with Eclipse Foundation. Have to make progress on Dojo 1.7. Have some concerns here. Crome app worked out. Eclipse Foundation is going to create a developer account so that the Orion App will be linked to Eclipse.
  • Libing - Looking at DBCS problem within Orion. Major change toggler for compare widget so you can switch between inline and side by side. Working on usability issues, put a generic selection model in any page that requires a selection service.
  • Mark - Working on bug against sites. Ripping apart the sites code and putting it in a plugin. Going to take a look at plug in settings so that the settings page could display them. Any plugin that has a validator, it's natural that we could have that in settings. Would be nice perhaps to group validators in the settings page and be able to change them. JSbeautifier has some simple settings for example that could manifest themselves in the settings. Simon asked about a 2nd site service perhaps for WebDAV?
  • Anton - Following up on UX items. Made the HTML/CSS for landing page. Need to get together with Simon to integrate it. Understanding is the flow changes. For example loosing connection with the server. Working on new profile settings category for user profile. Made some widgets that don't have a relationship with storage. Growing library of widgets that go along with settings. New bug on user menu in toolbar, proposal made.
  • John - Case insensitive search updates. Find File dialog is now case insensitive. Build ID in the About Orion page. Build working with Eclipse 4.2 took quite a bit of work. Now consuming the latest 4.2 prereqs. Might look at the new Lucene and Solr 3.5 update.

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