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Orion/Meeting minutes/20120419


  • Libing
  • McQ
  • Simon
  • Ken
  • Grant
  • Mark
  • Max
  • Silenio
  • Gosia
  • Tomek
  • Szymon
  • Susan
  • Anton


Got together on Friday and talk about user experience as a priority for M2. This will shift priorities away from new features to focusing on improving the consistency of our look and feel. The first time user is a priority.

M1 had a full new and noteworthy and is on OrionHub.

See the Wiki Page on Orion User Experience Issues


  • Libing - Optimizations on the compare widget, created compare link so you can pass this URI around. Removed word level navigation from toolbar. Can still navigate through words by clicking on them. Block level navigation is still in the toolbar. Improved shade of the red/green notations in compare widgets to more clearly see them. Going to work on his usability, specifically selection Service.
  • McQ - Participated in the review Friday on the UX. Glad it's turning out to be a focus area and willing to do it again once progress is made. (Simon) - would like to schedule once per month meeting about UI issues. (McQ) We need someone to focus on this. Maybe even more often, like once every two weeks. (Simon) Perhaps we can ask new users to evaluate from time to time.
  • Simon - Working on a Google App for Orion. Working with Eclipse. Authentication and HTML5 local file access. What can we do for the user to allow them to use Orion without logging in first. Might need to put authentication for OrionHub on the front page. Have removed the Navigation from the landing page. The landing page is going to change soon. Looking at legal stuff with Eclipse foundation and GCLI, Esprima and Dojo. We need to look at using these tools internally but cannot until they can be included in the core.
  • Ken - Working on a Mozilla app store version of Orion.
  • Grant - Revisiting the console work. Getting the demo that Chris and VMWare guys made. Just a step away from getting it working.
  • Mark - Updating the plugins maintained at Github. Fixed the sites features, broken on self hosted sites. Looking at pulling out the sites from navigator. But also looking at sites from local store.
  • Max - dropped off the call (edited to add: worked on editor tabbing bug, and other general minor web accessibility bugs/testing)
  • Silenio - Investigating line wrapping. Planning to get this done for M2 or in the next release. Bug opened by Korean user, can't type anymore after double byte characters. Few bugs in annotation model still needing investigation.
  • Gosia - Globalization. The Babel team is now getting the message from Orion. They will take messages every two weeks. Working on tools to help users externalize strings. When done will focus on externalizing other pieces of Orion. Looking to unify the progress service.
  • Tomek - Almost done Git URIs dealing with slashes. Also dealing with other Git bugs with branches and UI.
  • Szymon - Looking at Git Status page and make it similar to others and a flat view. Seeing some problems in editing with Polish characters.
  • Susan - Talking to a lot of people (Wiki page summarizing discussion from Friday - making sure they are owned and marked 0.5). No owners for remembering user context, if we had this it would kind of make the login page for a user the last page they were at. The other one is the idea of skinning. Fix landing and branding but don't think we can have a generic skinning story.
  • Anton - Completed work on plugin creation code. Have submitted all code but not linked in yet. Put together a Wizard type set of widgets to allow someone to step through creating something. Wasn't quite enough yet so Mark will have a look at this at some point but for now it is parked. Current work is moving the User profile over to the settings code. Have put more work into the general settings. Wanted to use HTML5, but there are no things like colour pickers. Have abstracted these behind own set of widgets that could be removed/replaced when real ones become available. Related to logging in and has generated a lot of discussion around it. Why is it so different from other web apps? Having a UX meeting more regularly is a great idea. The settings page itself needs to look good on a tablet but begs the question do we have to focus on that? Also looking at icons.
  • Andy - Not much on the code side of things but lots of planning going on. Interested in pulling out the editor but concerned about what comes with it. We need to have the same kind of examples as ACE and CodeMirror for just consuming it.

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