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Orion/Meeting minutes/20120412


  • Susan
  • Andy
  • Jay
  • Szymon
  • Anton
  • Silenio
  • Mark
  • Grant
  • Max
  • Libing
  • Ken
  • John
  • McQ
  • Simon


  • M1 builds look good
  • Anton would like his plugin creation item to get in
  • Git commit page not working for Libing - This is a blocker, as it's happening to others. Libing to show this to Simon.
  • Susan working on bug to be fixed for M1
  • Simon small change to cache user settings


  • Susan - Bug fixing and crazy changes
  • Andy - Not much this week. Thread with Anton on UI. Bug number?
  • Jay - Nothing this week.
  • Szymon - Globalization (Gosia), now we just need to prepare packages for translation in M2. Some Git changes moved to M2.
  • Anton - Working on new plugin for Plugin creation tool. Some widgets created and potential use later for scrolling containers. Will write a blog post assuming the code gets committed. Still needs work. It will let you create a plugin and settings data related with the plugin.
  • Max - Can now navigate in the editor with an annotation with keybinding. Ctrl-. and Ctrl-, and bug fixing
  • Libing - Release for inlined compare editor. Both widgets share same code base. Both block and word level diffs. Working on fixing 1 bug before end of day. Near the end of adding compare editor feature to pop up a URL with info on the compare/diff. Think google maps link.
  • Mark - Released code for command in navigator (folder or file) and adds it to a site for you. Fixed bugs with site editor. Updating the plugin catalog and plugins to use the new information.
  • John - getting require.js working in the build and the optimization step. working on getting build information visible somewhere. New version of Solr 3.5 does not work for Orion help. Required a change in platform help so committed some changes.
  • Silenio - Working on bugs editing folded comments
  • Grant - Nothing noteworthy
  • Simon - Checked in the require.js. Then fixed the build. Early in M2 will be dojo 1.7. Try to move all plugins to require.js AMD. Looking at putting Orion in App store.
  • Ken - Working with Mozilla App store
  • McQ - Usability walkthrough in progress

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