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Orion/Meeting minutes/20120405


  • Andy
  • Susan
  • Jay
  • Gosia
  • Silenio
  • McQ
  • Grant
  • Ken
  • Anton
  • Max
  • Libing
  • Mark
  • Simon


  • 0.5 M1 - 04/13/2012 0.5M1
  • 0.5 is likely going to have breaking changes in the plugin model. If you are going to do changes that potentially break plugins then it's now or never. We need to let the community know how to respond to these breakages. Need to have a wiki page to say what's breaking.
  • Accessibility - please continue to treat this with respect. Max is returning to school.
  • EclipseCon - It is now know as a real project at Eclipse. Simon claims not to have to explain it every time he talks about it. They understand the need and perception on web based tooling. Serious lessons learned when doing Orion tutorials due to the fact that the WiFi was dreadful. The setup on the Mac is different and the attendees don't necessarily have the more recent browsers. As a fallback, should have Orion available to install (Mac, PC and Linux) and the most recent browsers. Redhat used Orion to deploy applications to OpenShift. Seeing a lot of PaaS players using Orion as platform to write code and in some cases deploy their applications.


  • Andy - Andrew looked into a VJet association at EclipseCon and what can we do. Type hints. Andrew will look at cross file code assist. Nieraj looking at Sites. Specifically looking at putting CloudFoundry in there. We all agree that Sites is the right place and might need work to support extending deployment strategies. Andy will share some videos about CloudFoundry integration using Orion with the Dev list.
  • Susan - Trying to get in 2 features for M1. Working with Mark and Simon. Related pages and breadcrumbs cleanup. Working in the direction of consumable chrome.
  • Jay - Creating Lucene/Solr 3.5. Some backwards compatibility issues. John will release and review. AutoSuggest text in search box is something to work on next.
  • Gosia - Globalization framework. To be used later in Babel. Have a proof of concept for plugins. There is a problem with the landing page and links on the top. Do not want to reload plugins. Do we need to support a Locale that is different from the browser?
  • Silenio - Fixing bugs for Mozilla and for compare editor. Added APIs to hide rulers in the editor as you need. Could be put in preferences if desired. Added syntax highlighting for numbers. First bug on BiDi support. We need to figure out when this needs to happen.
  • McQ - Nothing.
  • Grant - Working on other Eclipse items.
  • Ken - No coding just presentation work internally
  • Anton - Working on sectional user interface widget, mainly for defining plugins. A plugin creation page. Should be able to share this soon. Didn't want to create a traditional wizard. Instead it's a section page. Fixing some bugs in settings for user preference. Susan is not happy with the carousel model for presenting service definitions.
  • Max - Return of Max. Fixed up the setting pages. Added HTML5 elements and ARIA landmark roles. Changed the login page to make it more useful.
  • Libing - Released code for character level diff in two way compare. Number of layers and colours seems to make the view a little busy. PLEASE try out the two-way compare and provide feedback.
  • Mark - Released refactoring to content assist file and unit tests for the API. Those changes were breaking. Adding feature for viewing a file on a site. Finishing up the blog entry on the S3 file client but found inconsistencies in the Orion file API.
  • Simon - Removed dependency on DoJo from core bits (plugin reg and service reg for example). Trying to be compatible with DoJo deferred and JQuery deferred. Enabled WebWorker based plugins. They are restricted to the same origin. If you have a task which is going to chew through CPU you can do that work in a WebWorker plugin. Now working on require.js update to 1.0.5. Likely will touch every HTML file in Orion. Much more substantial changes after M1, the plugin API and a SecurityPolicy for plugins. No declarations means your plugin can only talk to a host page on the same machine. We will provide some standard policies. And a way to have some custom policies. Aiming for symmetry on declarations of plugins.

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