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Orion/Meeting minutes/20120330


  • Martin Lippert
  • Andrew Eisenberg
  • John Arthorne
  • Simon Kaegi
  • Szymon Brandys

Debug story

Two models:

  • Orion runs inside the deployed application (OpenShift Orion cartridge)
  • Orion runs separately from deployed app
  • Our debug and deployment story varies greatly between these cases
  • Would like a consistent debug story across client and server -
    • For example node.js server application with js client side
    • Debugging is more difficult when working with a remote deployed application


  • Our site story only works for self hosting and static apps
    • Need sites mechanism to support deploying to remote sites
    • Is there some standard or commonly used deployment descriptor format to define mappings from source structure to deployed application (and deployment steps like build/minify)
    • Need to be able to deploy in debug mode and have an agent running in the deployed app that orion can connect to for debugging
  • Possibly use Puppet manifests as deployment descriptor


  • "Launch as test" action on test.html files that will create and start a site if needed, and open tab on running tests
  • Also ability to run tests defined in a JS file without a hand-crafted test.html file
  • Would like to be able to run validator across entire source tree (problems view)
  • Code coverage

Orion and Xtext

  • Ability to provide some level of Orion tooling for Xtext grammars
    • Easiest starting point might be server side integration
    • Or generate JavaScript tools from Xtext model

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