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Orion/Meeting minutes/20120308


  • Andrew
  • Susan
  • Gosia
  • Szymon
  • Tomasz
  • Simon
  • Silenio
  • McQ
  • Grant
  • John
  • Max
  • Libing
  • Mark
  • Kris


  • 0.5 dates
  • Dojo 1.7
    • Anton will start looking at it but there will be a lot of work wherever we use DOJO widgets or DOM manipulation API
    • Need to use AMD module loader
  • Susan
    • Gutting and rewiring command framework
    • Fixing up some hacks done during 0.4 end-game
    • Changing the way commands are rendered so clients can use
      • to style command rendering
      • Experimenting with visual plugins
      • Pixlr plugin for image editing
    • Szymon
      • Working on EclipseCon tutorial
      • Minor refactoring in git pages - removed old pages that were unused
    • Tomek
      • Looking at REST API for running git commands
      • Discussion of whether we map command line to specific JGit calls on the client or server
      • Shortest path is let the JGit library handle command parsing
      • GCLI requires parsing of commands to happen on the client
    • Gosia
      • Looking at "old eclipse" bugs this week
    • Andrew
      • Did some internal Orion demos to very good feedback
      • Interested in looking at mark occurrences support
      • Discussion of whether plugins can contribute anything richer than a set of positions, such as styling information
    • Kris
      • Working on gcli and service for contributing commands
      • Currently commands just contribute text but would like to expand it to richer content
      • Need to ensure there is security on server wherever console commands are being interpreted
    • Silenio
      • Editor API changing - will send out a note with more details
      • Editor no longer in an iframe - directly in the page
      • As a result of this, the selection behaviour is changing - can't show unfocused selection different from focused selection
    • Mark
      • Bug fixing in site support
    • Anton
      • File upload UI - have drag and drop support working
      • Added google analytics to plugin catalog
    • Simon
      • Working on EclipseCon preparation
      • Using Orion to hack HTML5 slides
      • Markdown viewer for tutorial.
      • Considering how to manage security for plugins

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