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Orion/Meeting minutes/20120216


  • Andy
  • Andrew
  • Kris
  • Susan
  • Gosia
  • Thomaz
  • Jay
  • Ken
  • Simon
  • Anton
  • Felipe
  • Max
  • Mark
  • Grant
  • Silenio
  • John
  • McQ

Other Stuff

.98 of Esprima out

Shutting down 0.4 - bugs and performance tuning - documentation. Canadian Holiday Monday so trying to declare RC2 tomorrow.

As of Monday commits need to be +1 by Ken or Simon.

GetPlugins - where should that go? (Susan) - the higher you are the more likely you are to go out of Orion. This spot was intentional. Also, Anton's google app engine plugin catalog looks pretty nice. Anton's current Plugin Catalog

Please think about 0.5 planning. Very early start here 0.5 Planning Page - Please add to it, don't worry about formatting.


  • Andy - Github fork of Esprima - Patch for test framework - Working on recovery solutions. The intent is to contribute back changes, just not in a position to do so now.
  • Andrew - Taking fork/branch working on content assist. Close to plugin release for other people. Work with Mark to get it on his Github page? There's some duplication with existing content assist. This is the kind of service that should co-exist. Will have to talk about post 0.4 to see what to remove from existing.
  • Kris - GCLI Command line interface to Cloud Foundry and Node Applications. Have a prototype. Can deploy to Cloud Foundry from Orion. Thomaz suggested talking to Grant.
  • Susan - One bug left to fix involving freezing tool tips. And some reviews in process. Some icons still coming in. Wants to continue tweaking CSS.
  • Gosia - Polishing and bug fixing.
  • Thomaz - 2 bugs fixed as well. Still open is upload dialog not very helpful when error occurs, see bug 366008.
  • Jay - No updates - will offer testing of RC2. Could go through bugs marked Fixed but not verified. Just move it to Verified if it's ok.
  • Ken - Release
  • Simon - URI Template issue. Looked at require.js and not comfortable with upgrading at this time (deferred). Preferences currently have dependency on auth, global commands, etc. Looked at breaking that dependency but there are some timing issues that occur. Deferring. Want to look at URI template issue with Susan. John suggested documentation for this. Performance work next week.
  • Anton - Fixed some plugin page bugs. Refactored into Dojo widgets. Updated the user doc. Used Orion to build a google app engine catalog. Working on maybe more dynamic registration of plugins. Also used dojo 1.7.
  • Felipe - Worked a on iPad with Silenio.
  • Max - Worked on editor and on Navigator. But not more for 0.4
  • Mark - Bug fixes for CodeMirror breakage. Updated HTML syntax grammar. Remaining bugs related to dirty editor pages and navigation.
  • Grant - Nothing this week.
  • Silenio - Reviewing accessibility patches in editor. Some issues with JAWS. Still looking at iPad. Simple HTML example to show problem. Nothing that can be done for that in 0.4.
  • John - Focusing on documentation. Developer doc is ok, user doc needs refresh. Screenshots need to be taken. All the doc is on the Wiki, if you need to add new pages let John know which page. He adds a line into an Ant script.

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