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Orion/Meeting minutes/20120209


  • Andrew
  • Andy
  • Kris
  • Susan
  • Szymon
  • Gosia
  • Thomaz
  • Anton
  • Simon
  • John
  • Max
  • Grant
  • Mark
  • Libing
  • Ken
  • Silenio

Other Stuff

  • Need to get things done by Friday.
  • As of Monday, don't check anything in until RC1 declared. Then RC2 need a committer +1. For RC3 all changes need to get +1 from a committer and +1 from Ken or Simon. Non functional changes. JSDoc or other Doc is fine. Unit tests ok but we want a green build.
  • John and Ken can schedule builds at any time - it's not a big process so just ping us.
  • Simon getting approval for 3rd party dependencies coming through. Require.js, Esprima (maybe), Lucene (hopefully).
  • Go over ALL of their bugs. 0.4, M2, RC1, etc. Set them all correctly please. 0.5 if not going to get done this release or put in no milestones if you do not know.


  • Andy - Working with Esprima. There has been an Error tolerant patch submitted within the community but that is not in Esprima head yet.
  • Andrew - Code assist on top of what Andy is doing. A provider does basic type inferencing. Not quite in a state to share yet. Also looking at unit tests. Looking at QUnit Finding it easy to write. (Simon) Can't use it currently, this has been looked into it. Simon can instruct how to use it. For Esprima, we are looking at .97 not HEAD.
  • Kris - Trying to get GCLI embedded into Orion like a page. Git status command through API that's already there and dumps string into the page. ((Simon) Have you talked to Joe Walker? The license is BSD. Simon saying it would be a good fit?) Could we expose a string that can be sent to the server that would be a quicker implementation vs. making new API in our GIT API.
  • Susan - Related pages is taking shape. Git status from editor, repository from git status, etc. Some slide out work. Vertical alignment. CSS and/or elements. Sweeping change a bit so requires us to validate all pages, etc. Would like Anton's changes to use the command framework. That way we could have plugin's as a URI template. GCLI doesn't cover all commands. JGit might be our best option for backend compatibility.
  • Simon - working on tests. All passing now. Rewritten test piece. Test numbers seem a bit random but should be fixed now. Changed test results. Stack is sent where the original failure happened. Added UI tests. If browser does not have focus, tests hang. Would like to have sanity check on all pages to have some certainty that all pages render. For RC2 URI Templates and defines.
  • Szymon - RC1 two things. Open commit command in place now but wants to add URI binding for it. Credentials always showing. Need to add page for managing repository settings.
  • Gosia - slide outs for git credentials. some polishing up bugs and others which might get moved out
  • Thomaz - fixed git support bugs. NPE, failing tests, etc. Git performance. tomorrow cleanup after removing user. Wanted to look at console so have worked with Grant a bit on GCLI Graphical Command Line Interface and GCLI on Github bug 369608 bug 365439
  • Ken - other IBM things - bugs, landing page (what about link to hosted site of links)
  • John - Reviewing and releasing changes. Wondering why there were no handle leaks yesterday.
  • Max - still working on general accessibility. working on Navigator now. probably done as much as possible for RC1
  • Grant - debugging within the chrome instance Orion is running in. Using Chrome debug stuff, so no port required. The page does good error reporting for Chrome vs. non-Chrome and what extension you require.
  • Mark - Bug fixes - Outliner wasn't working. Leave the editor without prompting for changes. Want to get Jay's patch in if possible regarding annotations in editor using inline Codemirror.
  • Libing - support for explorer based keyboard navigation. Searching white space is a recent request and doesn't work well. Global search tokenizes it. What about quote search? Added a helper to display path names better. Would like to put that into search results.
  • Silenio - externalizing strings working well. Investigating iPad on iOS 5 but not a lot of time
  • Anton - Removing dependency on old plugins page. Added a carousel widget to display service information. Refactored settings page. Fixes to CSS items waiting too. Want to flush out more plugin data by working on a new plugin to see what we'd like to change.

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