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Orion/Meeting minutes/20120202


  • Alex Boone
  • Andy
  • Andrew
  • Kris
  • Susan
  • Simon
  • Szymon
  • Gosia
  • Thomaz
  • Anton
  • John
  • Max
  • Grant
  • Mark
  • Libing
  • Ken
  • Silenio
  • Felipe

Other Stuff

Firefox 10 shipped with Orion Editor - The Mozilla Blog

Committers - what do we want to do. Number of new people committing code. What is the criteria from contributor to committer. Committer knows the cycle, M1, M2, endgame, etc. Won't commit code 2 hours before final build. Also, some sort of area that they're working on. 5 or so commits. Minimum of 2 months on the team with at least 5 significant commits and aware of the Orion process. N commits and 2 or 3 distinct committers reviewing work. Reviewing the candidate committers after each milestone and at the end of a release. The proposed process is as follows: "Potential committers must have at least 5 reasonable commits, reviewed by 3 different existing committers over a minimum of 6 weeks of contributions. A review of potential committers will be carried out at the end of each Milestone and at the end of the current release cycle."

RC1 was essentially a free for all. For next week please target your bugs for RCN buy the end of this week so we have an understanding of how much work there is left. Potentially shelving things if necessary. No need for a +1 next week. Ping Ken or Simon if you have anything that is big that you think might be in jeopardy.


  • Alex Boone - No Orion work over the last couple of weeks. Maintaining a package of Eclipse Orion distribution.
  • Andy - Few fixes - moved Esprima off to github. Put on list of extensions. Working on code completion
  • Andrew - Esprima code assist, nothing yet to share. Join patch to refactor search client from rendering logic. Waiting for review.
  • Kris - Working with Andrew. Would like to focus on command line support in a console. Interested in node.js .
  • Susan - Fixing bugs, new graphics coming in too. Save icons specific to the task. Settled on convention for links that are not really links. Looking to implement this today. RC1 item left is slide out in section headers.
  • Szymon - Working on improving new Git pages. Would like to add this week an open commit dialog. If you have a commit ID you can open it. Should improve contributor workflow. Question for Susan, slide outs - are you going to change the Git page? Susan will work with Szymon.
  • Gosia - Not much feature work left. Working on bug fixing in tasks or Git.
  • Thomaz - Mostly focused on minor bug fixing. Hoping to take over the console.
  • Anton - CSS changes. Working next week on better meta-data for plugins so humanly readable.
  • Simon - some work on plugin registry. added an update command. Added expiry of metadata in plugin registry. Should ease pain going from build to build. Looking at updating require.js (.93) want to use (1.05). Support for dojo 1.7 in it. Looking at i18N in require.js. Treat localization bundles as an AMD module and you can pre-load them. Would like to have a couple of pages in 0.4 working. Tests still failing in async. Working on that. Either fix or commenting out tests.
  • John - Chrome > 12 not supported on SUSE linux. Could we install chrome on the Windows machine (Simon)?
  • Felipe - (see Silenio)
  • Silenio - working i18N a bit. Investigated require.js and should be the solution for the editor as well. Also investigating iPad iOS5 has added support for content editable.
  • Mark - bug fixes - self hosting was preventing you from replacing dojo. Refactoring. Next week just wants to do bug fixing.
  • Grant - Working on debugging within another tab of the same instance. Then there would be no debug port required.
  • Ken - bugs, fixing - presenting both internally and externally.
  • Max - More accessibility bug fixes
  • Libing - improving usability of search and replace page. Generic tree iterator. Now can use keyboard to traverse. Context tip in search result page to show code around result. (Susan) talk to Max about accessibility keyboard controls.

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