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Orion/Meeting minutes/20120126


  • Szymon
  • Gosia
  • Susan
  • Andy (VMWare)
  • Andrew (VMWare)
  • Kris (VMWare)
  • John
  • Simon
  • Max
  • Ken
  • Mark
  • Libing
  • Grant
  • Silenio
  • Anton

Other Stuff

  • This is our M2 Week - rough plan is on Friday we'll do a final candidate build but not declare until Monday. We can continue to do changes up to and including Friday. This M2 build will be deployed to OrionHub if declared stable.
  • What do we do when the server is down? What kind of thing can we do in the client when the server goes away. Error handling doesn't work well in this case. You should be able to use the editor when the server is down and save should go to local storage?
  • Should bugs be marked as review? John A to send out instructions on how to do that and update the git committer page.
  • Post M2 - first week is like a regular development week. 2 weeks committer + 1. Then committer +1 and lead +1.
  • Bug with UI Mockup


  • Szymon - Fixing flat layouts and repository pages. Work on feature to open commit page having the commit ID. Should speed up process of contributions/commits.
  • Gosia - Working on the process service. Also testing IE so have entered a lot of defects there. Chrome is caching our JSON responses even though they're marked no-cached. Simon will work with Gosia to look at this. Seems to happen when the back button is used.
  • Susan - 2 main things. Great round with Linda toolbar and slide out things coming. Section heading going on will be going to Anton. Command stuff is still going on as well. Happily moving bugs off to others! Top header bar is going to change.
  • Andy (VMWare) - Esprima based outline view. Feedback would be nice.
  • Andrew (VMWare) - Work on favourites - adding that to the open resources dialog - keyboard commands to go up and down as well.
  • Kris (VMWare) - Tried to fix the dialog with list of files, only shows filename so multiple filenames should show where they are from.
  • Silenio - Fixing bugs on IE8 and 7. Blog posts using editor found these. iPad uppercase letter also fixed.
  • Grant - latest iteration of Orion debug work committed to master - quality and functionality are both quite good, would be comfortable with having it turned on by default - only remaining issue related to whether this would make sense or not is the required installation of the Chrome extension - should it be auto-installed when needed (assuming this is possible)? - will be investigating whether John Barton's crx2app extension should be used instead - Kevin from Mozilla suggested that we investigate adopting their console rather than writing ours from scratch.
  • Ken - Working on clearance for icons for landing page, working on CSS tweaks hopefully to send today.
  • John - Doing random things. Refactored remove editor requirement so page loads dropped by like 300K. File Handles problem. Also working on clearance for CQ's.
  • Max - Still reporting bugs and fixing accessibility problems.
  • Anton - Stuff is actually committed now. Working on adding service information. Settings link and plugin's link are both there, should remove the plugin's link.
  • Libing - Improve loading speed for search and preview page. Render response immediately and background meta-data. Testing aggressively on search lately. Ken suggesting some way to
  • Mark - Bug fixes
  • Simon - Working on testing. Test framework. Tests were interleaving if they had a promise. John may look to put back in performance tests since they were commented out due to this bug.

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