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Orion/Meeting minutes/20120119


  • Susan
  • Jay
  • Szymon
  • Alex Boone (Red Hat)
  • Andy (VMWare)
  • Andrew (VMWare)
  • Kris (VMWare)
  • John
  • Simon
  • Felipe
  • Max
  • Ken
  • Mark
  • Libing
  • Grant
  • Silenio
  • Anton

Other Stuff

  • Welcome to Alex Boone (Red Hat) Open Shift development - trying to use Orion as the web IDE for product. Looking to be a committer.
  • 3rd Party Components - now or never for M4
  • Weds Jan 25th please consider test day.
  • HelpWanted keywords if you know something someone else could fix
  • Reminder -
  • I'll stop tagging people who attend with their company name as we get to know you. I'm just doing it as a reminder of who's calling in.


  • Susan - rearranging banner and footer (working with Linda). goal is to have structural parts done Friday. Sectional places means toolbars moving inside other areas. Simon wants to be involved in some of the changes in linking by utilizing the URI Templates. Some bugs from Andrew she will try to get released today. Working with Maquetta team who is consuming our file service. Trying to break preferences from UI. And IPZilla items.
  • Jay - Working on code mirror support.
  • Szymon - 2 new pages added this week. Git Repo page and Git Commit page. (First is not linked yet because of IE incompatibility but you can just go to Would like to complete the URI Template work to finalize the GreaseMonkey scripts. This is to get a ForkMeAtOrion button.
  • Alex Boone (Red Hat) - HelpWanted tag would be great. Finding issues and trying to fix.
  • Andy (VMWare) - JSLint fix in. Working on some recovery issues. How about looking at Esprima
  • Andrew (VMWare) - Contest assist bugs, favorites sorting. Was thinking about some sort of command line console access. Grant has done work on Debug that has a console like view. History, content assist, etc.
  • Kris (VMWare) - Nothing interesting yet, learning.
  • John - Some bug fixes, not a lot of other Orion work
  • Simon - Trying to get Esprima cleared. Committed URITemplates, matcher, and tests. Navigator doesn't have inherent knowledge of the edit page anymore. Every page to page transition should be done by providing the meta data for the URI template. Still needs work in the command framework to consume URI templates successfully. Need work in individual pages parsing URI templates. Working on Unit testing, cleanup work. Would like to open with/on on html. Lookup file on sites and run a particular HTML file on a site. Easy way to run tests.
  • Felipe - Working on API for the editor so that Anton's code can set things.
  • Max - Gone through Orion for accessibility. Has filed bugs and is looking at fixes.
  • Ken - Not much Orion other than some bug fixing. Other IBM work consuming time.
  • Mark - Andy and Andrew commits. Esprima tree validation but not M2 worthy. Simon continuing with IP clearance. This would replace perhaps Uglify. And ParseJS lacks communication at the moment.
  • Libing - Multiple file system search. For those that don't support it there's a message and no rendering. Perhaps a slow crawl search. Replace feature is working now. Working on unit tests.
  • Grant - No changes for me on the Orion front. Fixed some bugs in the IE Crossfire Server implementation, and adapted its handling of JS errors to send onError instead of onBreak. One more IE Crossfire Server issue: its binaries need to be signed in order to not appear as "(Not verified)" in IE's Manage Add-ons dialog. The Eclipse Foundation is set up to do this, am planning to request access to use it.
  • Silenio - It's been an Eclipse week
  • Anton - Javascript style setting code moved to an independent place. Working with CSS to make it compatible with all browsers (removing all CSS3 box model stuff sadly for IE 9). Orion'ifying the look. Mocked up some opinions on Szymon's stuff. Should have both links to old plugin's plus the new preferences.

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