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Orion/Meeting minutes/20120112


  • Felipe
  • McQ
  • John
  • Grant
  • Ken
  • Anton
  • Max Li (new coop)
  • Mark
  • Libing
  • Silenio
  • Susan
  • Gosia
  • Mike R
  • Andy Clement (new attendee VMWare)
  • Andrew Eisenberg (new attendee VMWare)

Other Stuff

  • Introductions from Andy - Tooling around JavaScript and close ties with Eclipse so very interested in working with Orion. Deployments to Cloud Foundry a goal.
  • Introduction from Andrew - Work on language tooling, doing IDE integration.
  • Introduction from Max - From U of Waterloo on coop term at IBM working on accessibility
  • Clearing the workspace. Need to wipe the service workspace on Eventually will need to do OrionHub. This weekend it will be done so push your changes.


  • Felipe- nothing
  • McQ - internal talk on Orion went very well
  • John - code-completion in progress, please try it out and provide feedback
  • Grant - released 2nd iteration of debug work to Github and Simon should pick that up. Finished the work described last week: initial Console widget, and separate Debug and Debug Connections pages. Created wiki page describing code submission steps for non-committers: but might need to update this because PULL requests from GitHub is not really the right way currently.
  • Ken - Had some build knowledge transfer from John and have debugged and deployed a couple of builds.
  • Anton - Finished off integrating the editor settings in the preferences. Using local storage to save the settings and he's using a listener to communicate css changes to all editors open. Susan is reviewing the code. New preferences piece. Working on having some infrastructure for other plugins to have settings. The local storage is not the final place for storing prefs? How do we get back our changes on another machine.
  • Max Li (new coop) - Nothing yet
  • Mark - Worked on a inline version of the code mirror style in the text editor. Jay is going to work on this. Started approval process for JSLint. New version is much less tolerant of stylistic things. If you make some goofy mistakes the parser blows ups. Could we patch the current version for the infinite loop problem. Nothing on Esprima yet (see last minutes).
  • Libing - Working on replace, almost done. For multiple roots problem he needs simon's help
  • Silenio - Nothing - back from holidays
  • Simon - (Some discussion about John B working on a Chrome extension for Orion to allow elevated privileges and an Orion plugin that can activate/access that plugin. A bit of a worry about security). Was involved in presentation for many days. Still working on client side of our test framework. Still working on URI Template things. Really need to update DoJo, RequireJS.
  • Susan - Walked through code with Anton. Lots of subsequent work can be done, but not bounding the existing commit. Talked a lot to Linda Watson, so there's around 3-4 weeks of her help available. Page anatomy is important.
  • Gosia - finished work on resetting password via email. needs configuration on installation, john is working on that at Should be able to reset your password now. Improving the task service on the server side. Writing a handler that works with tasks by providing a superclass for users to incorporate.
  • Mike R - Nothing on Orion, working on JDT
  • Andy Clement (new attendee VMWare) - Parser recovery, would like to get involved there.
  • Andrew Eisenberg (new attendee VMWare) - Content assist in JavaScript, has done Groovy so there should be some similarities. Would love to talk about this.

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