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Orion/Meeting minutes/20111222


  • Felipe
  • John
  • Susan
  • Libing
  • Simon
  • Ken
  • Gosia


  • John - Content assist. HTML. Looking at JavaScript. Templates and some types with literals. Report bugs and suggestions if you can on the content assist.
  • Ken - Working on bugs he has entered. Mostly on file system things.
  • Felipe - working on require.js things on the editor. Needs a hosting location for minified javascript and John might be able to host it at PlanetOrion.
  • Libing - Fixing search UI bugs. JSDiff, wrote adapter to use internal APIs. Currently passing all unit tests with JSDiff and the adapter. Sent an email to author. Working on replace preview.
  • Simon - Working on URI Templates. Works fine for expanding but not for API which when given a URL and trying to match against a URI template does not work. Working on re-enabling our Unit testing. Running a test will take you to the test page where you can choose the site to run the test against. Libing would like the tests to be able to run from a favourite. He runs tests 100 times a day. Going to try to commit Anton's setting stuff.
  • Gosia - Progress icon and page are available now. Task life cycle is what she's working on.
  • Susan - Working on actions available all the time. Done some review work with Linda. Implemented a new Button Style command. This seems to play nicely in the new repositories page that Szymon has been working on. Working on Favorites, multiple file systems, adding 'recent' things.
  • Grant - evolving previous "Debug" page to a "Debug Connections" page for showing/managing current connections to outside browsers (per-tab). reating new "Debug" page that represents a connection to a specific tab in an outside browser (linked to by the "Debug Connections" page), with a console for input/output of interactions

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