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Orion/Meeting minutes/20111215


  • Felipe
  • McQ
  • John
  • Mike
  • Susan
  • Grant
  • Libing
  • Simon
  • Ken
  • Gosia
  • Szymon
  • Tomasz
  • Anton


M1 Growing Pains? JB having problems. John also seeing problems clearing caches, etc, to get things working. Do we not actually test to see if the plugin has changed and reload it? When we try to use the service, we load the plugin and then validate it. If the plugin never gets loaded, for some reason, we never time out our cache of the metadata plugin. We could expire after an hour or so.

How we want Anton/Grant/Ken to contribute changes. Easy to get contributions to include in Orion. Add the remote, fetch the master, Git Log, then you Cherry Pick. This needs a HOW TO!

How global is the CSS we're using. To we have CSS that's describing the classes. Some of the classes in our code is not appropriately named. Should we be using something like Less. When we want to re-use a set of CSS rules that apply to a particular class, what should we be doing?

  • Susan - Juggling presentation of navigator. Since M1 looks better. CSS media queries. On iPad or smaller screen add more area for consumability. With hovering actions gone the navigator is more useful. Now moving into semantic things, a page, where might you want to go, what is the resource you're working with and what to do at that point. Goal is not to wait for final great idea but to start with some quick and dirty ways to try new paths/options/visuals. McQ would like to get to his favourites while in the Editor and Anton is using new models for his preferences, Szymon is also using something similar, do we need an abstraction around these kind of pages.
  • Anton - Tweaking the CSS for the preferences for Firefox and Webkit. Interesting to see Chrome preferences running in Firefox. Nice to have the consistency with what Szymon. Had an Aha moment when they were sharing the workspaces. Now working on persisting and setting fonts. Need better formalization for Plugin description. Some notion of centralized store for preferences.
  • Szymon - Git repository Page. Similar work in RTC area for artifacts page. Working with Anton's CSS to make these pages in a flat layout style. Git Mockup bug 359621 Jazz Mockup
  • Gosia - Branch of progress service. appreciate reviews. now working on a UI that you would check currently running stuff. Should be pushed out next week.
  • Tomasz - Working on minor bugs in Git support. Some pending JGIT.
  • Mike - Nothing - has been working on Eclipse and checked out Grants stuff
  • Grant - First contribution was pulled yesterday. Not turned on by default. We talked about debug long term and short term goal. Will be looking at a console view.
  • John - Build problems, problems. Jetty 8 stabilized again
  • Libing - Replace UI prototyping. Unit tests on JSDiff. Current diff stuff we will not get rid of. For compare view we still have to use whatever GIT gives back to us. Jazz wants us to provide server side diff in our compare widget. Patch creation seems broken.
  • Simon - Working on URI templates and unit tests for them. Seems to be used in Java (Restlet, Mule) more than JavaScript so lacking a good implementation. Simon is in the process of doing a library that matches the spec which is just about to go final. (From a previous discussion) -> If pages have context parameters, could links like the ones at the top use that information to land you in the right spot. URI Template Spec DRAFT
  • Felipe - Editor fixes. require.js fixes.

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