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Orion/Meeting minutes/20111208


  • Gosia
  • Szymon
  • Tomasz
  • Felipe
  • Grant
  • Libing
  • Anton
  • Mark
  • Simon
  • John
  • Susan


  • Fixing up parameter collection for commands
  • Making commands visible but opaque
  • Added a new task list page, but not linked from elsewhere yet
  • Apply patch has been added
  • Grease-monkey scripts for cloning repositories
  • HTML Outline plugin introduced and progressing
    • Figuring out what to filter to make it useful
  • Looking at back button problem in editor on Firefox
  • Proof of concept JavaScript debugger for Orion in the works
  • Fixing corner cases in our diff parser
  • Improved bookmarking of searches
  • Progressing on prototype of Orion preferences page
  • Support for default editor being the Orion editor
    • You can now edit arbitrary file types
  • Performance improvements on CodeMirror syntax highlighting
  • Writing Orion article for Eclipse Magazine
  • Working on pushing CQ's along for jsdiff, uglify, csslint
  • Some discussion on how to improve JS tests

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