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Orion/Meeting minutes/20111124


  • Grant
  • Ken
  • Mark
  • Anton
  • Libing
  • McQ
  • John
  • Szymon
  • Gosia
  • Silenio
  • Felipe
  • Susan


  • Look through M1 Targeted Bugs and figure out which you can finish by M1 and retarget if necessary
  • Search discussion. More and more problems with tree view in search. tree view with pagination doesn't make sense (john). Tree only view of some matches where paging to the next page still might show that part of a tree again is kind of misleading. Libing always chooses to use flat view because of this. (McQ) why are we trying to use a tree view instead of common search results views used already on the web, meaning a flat view. Other issue is that in-file search is not done until you go into the file. The indexer might be out of date from the server vs. the search results. Could the timestamp in the search index check against the server timestamp to force an update to the indexer. What does the workflow look like when you're doing search/replace on multiple pages. Check off pages as you go then commit the changes at the end? (Susan) in favour of the stupid approach which is to not cache things and let developers just deal with the fact that non-changed files just keep resurfacing in the search results. Should we have search results hidden as an explicit action which is shown very clearly in new searches (There are results hidden by this search). Scoping down is a problem but the suggestion was to use the location to scope down. (Felipe) Could we have working groups like Eclipse has?
  • Need to talk to the Foundation about CQs. Can we order the queues of approvals. CodeMirror and JSDiff are important.


  • Grant - Looking at remote debugging. Put together a basic debug page, for communicating from one Chrome instance to another (remote debug protocol). Can pause, evaluate arbitrary JS, resume.
  • Mark - Trying to connect styling inform from code mirror and text mate to the annotation model. Mismatched tag in code mirror HTML file, it will underline the tags and go away if you fix it.
  • Anton - Learning Orion by self hosting and poking around. Entered a bug. Learning about GIT, etc.
  • Libing - In addition to search, working on comparison. Talked to Evan about 2/3 way compare. Will check in version today. CQ stuff for JSDiff going to succeed?
  • John - Search stuff. Problems with servers (space). (McQ) - we need to be careful about how we handle meta-data. We're currently using the Eclipse meta store but that's not sufficient to be transactional, etc. IRC from RedHat doing iPad development. 2 blockers, uppercase problem and SSH keys for operations every time.
  • Szymon - Delegated UI work for RTC items. He will work on a video demo next week. Tomasz going to work on a cloning button.
  • Gosia - Designing progress service. Some comments and mockups. bug 344012 bug 344148
  • Felipe and Silenio - Bugs of interest for Mozilla. Binary search algorithm had problems for annotations. Now linear. Might have to investigate interval search trees if performance is an issue. setOption() is done. Support in the widget for theming.
  • Susan - lots of internal cleanup and API cleanup in the command framework, now that we have more features. It pointed out the need for a "run every page" test solution because I broke a lot of stuff bug 362805. We should come up with a story for that testing bug, if we have a way to run every page, then we could use the info in the command service to run every command with some mock data bug 364503

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