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Orion/Meeting minutes/20111110


  • McQ
  • Silenio
  • Felipe
  • Simon
  • Mike
  • Tomasz
  • Szymon
  • Grant
  • Ken
  • Mark
  • Libing
  • John
  • Anton


  • Make sure you look at the plan, there are initial names beside the items.
  • EclipseCon presentation was well attended. Good buzz about Orion at EclipseCon. Simon demoed Initializer and also showed self hosting. Response to use of CodeMirror was positive. This seems to be a good landing spot.
  • Need a framework for servicing errors?
  • Anton on the call - starting on the 21st of November full time on Orion. Good experience on Web development over the last decade.


  • Szymon - Working on Eclipse
  • Mike - No Orion this week
  • Grant - Learning week - look more specifically at the Google Chrome info next week
  • Silenio - Finalized async creation of editor (default). Mouse events. Drag and Drop. People creating the editor might want hook onLoad() because the editor might not be finalized before you want to scroll. Anything that needs the DOM likely won't work, due to async creation.
  • John - Not much, couple of things related to search. Multi-page results. Setting the results per page.
  • Libing - Page size for search to 100 - seems performance for that amount is ok. Might be better to get the metadata of a partial search. Also need to return results based on location vs. importance (bug opened for that already). Also working on wildcard search and scoped search. For scoped search, currently using current root as root vs. the entire workspace. Trying to add breadcrumb in search result page, to be used to scope up the result. Breadcrumb might not be the right term (it's more about context). Thinks that UI related to pagination of search results is very difficult.
  • McQ - Orion user with Node.js hacking
  • Ken - Also using Orion had some interesting Client side cache that cause a server error and the display of the error is not really shown, just bad text in a section. Clearing Chrome cache seemed to fix it.
  • Mark - working on CodeMirror support for Modes (CSS in particular). Trying to break it up into a plugin vs. the hacking in Orion core. Opened a bug about listening to text changes in the editor which is required to send the changes. Question was asked whether scalability might be a problem? Can it stylize sections or would it need the whole document.
  • Simon - Changing the getService() to be asynchronous - touches a massive amount of files. The reason is because the style is serviceRegistry.getService(). Sometimes that's called a lot and there seems to be a lot of copied code. Change to PoJo style. Look for breakage after the release.

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