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Orion/Meeting minutes/20111103


  • Susan
  • Mike
  • Gosia
  • Tomasz
  • Silenio
  • Felipe
  • Grant
  • Ken
  • Mark
  • Libing
  • McQ
  • John


  • Should have the Eclipse XML version of the plan out by next week
  • Will layout the M1, M2, and End game dates
  • What about browser platform? Picked the latest at the start of the release cycle. Should aim for Chrome 15 or 16 and Firefox 8
  • Is it more about specification level, feature level, and/or compatibility? Could list a particular draft number of HTML
  • Orion Editor in Firefox 8 but disabled by default
  • We need a concrete feature to drive some of the plan items. Examples include authentication. (WebDAV for example)
  • CQs for Uglify and CSSLint. They are GIThub projects. Worry is that Eclipse Foundation will not accept them. If UglifyJS becomes core to a specific approach and the CQs fail then it could be an issue. Simon should have a call with the IP team to explore where it's going
  • We don't have to actually ship the plugins, our model is making it easy to get/install them. They could also be first class examples of how to do this
  • Important to know the coding patters that RequireJS understands. We should have some JS tests to make sure our pages are ok. Should we contribute to RequireJS to head off problems like this? (John to send out the list of valid/invalid ways to use RequireJS - a link in their doc)
  • Should we propagate similar changes to other modules, since we're moving to making our modules more consumable


  • Susan - working on animation for when a command needs a parameter. Using HTML5 input types for parameters. Also HTML5 speech. Usecase, when you hit Ctrl-S in the editor, you get an animated slide out to collect information. Coop starting in January who has accessibility expertise
  • Mike - Working on fixing CrossFire and Firebug problems
  • Gosia - Reviewing Susan's UI changes
  • John - Fun with builds. Minor fixes in wildcard search (star and wildcard support)
  • Libing - Fixing bugs for global search. Wildcard search does not support inner word matching, must be full word. For 0.4 will be focussing on Global Search, replace, etc. Do we know what the capability of the other web IDEs and how are we compare? Libing has been using it a lot more due to search. Would like to see an Advanced Search (page?). Scoped folders. Search Favourites
  • Grant - Coming up to speed
  • Mark - Some build breakage fixing. Looking at CodeMirror mode and seeing how it could be included in our platform
  • Silenio - broke for RequireJS and non. Events, standardized. All have 1 interface for events and listeners. Could share the implementation of the events in the future. Creating the editor Asynchronously. Loading stylesheets synchronous. If loaded in parallel would the views refresh and change appearance while loading. Horizontal scrolling was slow, optimized that case. Improved the Chrome browser like 300%, but not Firefox. Clipping may be causing a layout or refresh problem. Performance tests are not running on Orion. They have opened a bug against Simon for testing UI.

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