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Orion/Meeting minutes/20111013


  • Mcq
  • Felipe
  • Silenio
  • Mark
  • Libing
  • Simon
  • Ken
  • Susan
  • Mike


  • Tonight's build is the last build to get changes in without review
  • Test pass tomorrow
  • Any changes after today needs:
    • A bug report
    • A review from another committer
    • A +1 from Simon
    • Ongoing documentation, jsdoc, and test changes don't require review or approval
    • We will continue to promote daily builds to


  • Polishing global search
    • Two columns in flat view of search results
  • Fixing bugs that prevented use of Git tools when self hosting
    • Everything now working as of this morning
  • Working on getting git tools working with non-empty server context path, but won't make it for 0.3
  • Polishing jsdoc for editor
  • Still want to fix some bugs in text highlighting
  • Fixed some bugs related to sprite conversion
  • Checkout Git tag blocked by a JGit bug so not going into 0.3
  • Need to switch to using released version of JGit in our builds
  • Investigating server test failures
  • Added progress handling infrastructure to service and plugin registry
  • Still have a change to release related to client code making direct XHR calls that should be done from a plugin

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