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Orion/Meeting minutes/20110721


  • Simon
  • Silenio
  • Libing
  • Andrew
  • Felipe
  • Grant
  • John
  • McQ
  • Szymon
  • Gosia


  • Orion project provisioning is complete
  • Bug fixing in inline compare viewer
  • Looking into search improvements
    • Local search and replace
    • Improvements to display of global search results
    • Need a way to show all search results for a given file
    • Can we do local search and replace without an old-school modal dialog?
  • Moved downloads page
  • Updated build for new git repository location
  • Set up Hudson build for Orion
  • Splitting up Orion product to enable updating client and server independently
  • Debug team adjusting to departure of jjb
  • Working on client file API
  • Investigating strategy for plugin authentication
    • A way for plugins to tell Orion they need to request credentials
  • Investigating "save a file" intent
  • Added support for associating OpenIDs with an existing user profile
  • Adding missing git functionality: Git rebase

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